Namco Museum Remix - hands-on

Seeing as Wii has the ability to run software and is powered by electricity, Namco has identified it as something that can play a version of Namco Museum. You've played it countless times already across every platform, cell phone and LCD microwave screen, but here it is one more time. Except that there's no way this is the last time we'll see it, so saying "one more time" is probably a bit much.

The standout feature with Museum Remix is its collection of re-imagined classics. Five well-known titles, including Galaga and Rally-X, are getting totally new ways to play. The 3D Galaga we tried out actually had very little to do with the arcade classic - it was an on-rails shooter that follows a spherical Pac-Man as he rolls through a space-bound series of tubes. Robot insects swoop in and try to nab him, but that's where your Wii Remote blasting comes into play. It's kinda fun to watch, but we still prefer the original's simplicity.

Classic gamers needn't worry though - Remix has nine original games locked and loaded, including Xevious, Dig Dug and Pac-Mania.


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