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Myth Cheats

  • Level Select

    When Myth starts up, hold the space bar and click on NEW GAME. You now have access to every level but the secret one.
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  • Level Skip

    To skip to the next level, hold CTRL and press "+".
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  • Secret Level

    To enter the secret level, make your way to "The Sons of Myrgard" and kill all the ghouls in the caves. Once that's done, try to enter the caves. One of them will bring you to "A Long Awaited Party."
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  • Stronger Footsoldier

    To make all footsoldiers stronger, including the enemy's, type "PizzaParty" while playing.
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  • Win Single Player Level

    While playing press Ctrl + Plus
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  • Taunt Your Opponents

    While playing, select a unit to modify and press T. A random cheer will be heard now.
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