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Monster Hunter Freedom 2 review

They forgot the freedom, but the monsters are damn pretty


  • The graphics
  • The music
  • Styling your hair in-game


  • Being leashed to a power outlet
  • Getting used to the controls
  • Any egg-retrieval quest

Monster Hunter Freedom 2 is almost everything a Monster Hunter sequel should be: more items, more weapons, more monsters, and more hunting. Add that to exquisite cutscenes, good dialogue and hearty gameplay, and you%26rsquo;ve got yourself one of the best RPGs for the PSP ever. The only thing missing from this winning combination is, ironically, freedom - unless by %26ldquo;freedom,%26rdquo; the developers mean %26ldquo;chained to the nearest power outlet.%26rdquo;

What sets the Monster Hunter series apart from your average Japanese RPG is the action - there%26rsquo;s no turn-based nonsense or stat-leveling stupidity (which we'll admit, we often love) to distract you from pure, unadulterated monster hunting. There isn%26rsquo;t even much of a story to occupy the incredibly short cutscenes. You are a hunter, you%26rsquo;re in a new village. You go forth, you hunt. End of story.

More Info

DescriptionOne of the PSP's best games gets a bigger, nastier, online-enabled sequel.
US censor ratingTeen
UK censor rating12+
Release date: (US), 7 September 2007 (UK)
Available platforms:PSP
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