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Mission Impossible Cheats, Codes & Guides

Mission Impossible Cheats

  • Mission Passwords - Possible Mode

    2 Subpen Mission ABEMJQLNVTPG
    3 At Russian Embassy OGLIESHVIRLL
    4 KGB Warehouse OQRFFSITJMNI
    5 KGB Headquarters EHNJHSURWJMP
    6 Security Hallway GDPSISJOWUAN
    7 Underground Sewage Plant GGHIHSJVWRML
    8 Security Hallway GQOFISKTLMAI
    9 KGB Headquarters IGCJMJMVMRBL
    10 Russian Embassy IQDSNJNTOMCI
    11 IMF Headquarters IJENMUNHONCJ
    12 IMF Headquarters IMQPNHNKOSCM
    13 Infirmary PBFROUOPPWDB
    15 CIA Mainframe Computer PJGNOUPHQNDJ
    17 Waterloo Station HDGGFPKQMOBC
    20 Train Roof IGJDGTMLMYBO
    21 Lundkvist Base NGHSMGQTXMGI
    22 Tunnel MOEEOJGHVXJH
    23 Mainland MKEHTJSSVVJD
    24 Gunboat AFQMOJGPVTPG

    Submitted by None
  • Mission Passwords - Possible Mode

    2 Subpen Mission HILKJTKUMLBF
    3 At Russian Embassy PMCQEQPJQQDQ
    4 KGB Warehouse KNDPFTPLQYDO
    5 KGB Headquarters LDEESUVPRWGB
    6 Security Hallway LFERHGVRXJGP
    7 Underground Sewage Plant LBEHSFVNRTGG
    8 Security Hallway LPEKSMVQXOGC
    9 KGB Headquarters NIQNKRQUSLHF
    10 Russian Embassy NQQQKLRHSNHJ
    11 IMF Headquarters AMRQMQSJNQPQ
    12 IMF Headquarters BBMENISNNTKG
    13 Infirmary CENHOQGWIVLD
    15 CIA Mainframe Computer BQMMTUGHUNKJ
    17 Waterloo Station MEPHFQTWVVJD
    20 Train Roof MGNQFHTKTSIM
    21 Lundkvist Base DHIJLSIRKJFP
    22 Tunnel DKILMIUMKXFH
    23 Mainland OMGSKPIIJPNK
    24 Gunboat DNGOLHIKJSNM

    Submitted by None
  • Various Cheats

    After picking the Load Game option put in one of these passwords. Ignore the bad password warning
    What it Does Password
    All weapons & gadgets GIMMEGADGETS
    Creator Message TTOPFSECRETT
    Submitted by None
  • Easy Mode

    At the mission selection screen, continuously tap C-up, Z. During this time Ethan will rapidly say "Ah, that's better." it starts out without turbo but almost double the health. then it eventually gets you turbo.
    Submitted by Maverick
  • Invincibility

    R, Z, C-d, R, C-d at level select screen
    Submitted by None
  • Infinite Ammo

    Press C-u, Z, C-l, Z, L at level select screen
    Submitted by None
  • Meet The Infogrames Team

    After you complete the game on Possible, wait until the credits are over. You will now be able to go back into the Embassy and meet the Mission: Impossible (second) design team. Talk to all the people until your health bar is full. Youll then get a bonus animation of Ethan.
    Submitted by None
  • Giant Head Mode

    At the Level Select screen press C"d, L, C"u, C"r, L. If done correctly you'll hear Ethan say "There, that's better."
    Submitted by None
  • Big Feet Mode

    At the Level Select screen press C"d, R, Z, C"r, C"l.
    Submitted by None
  • Big Head Mode

    Press C"d, R, C"u, L, C"l at the Level Select screen.
    Submitted by None
  • Turbo Mode

    Press C"u, Z, C"u, Z, C"u at the Level Select screen. You will hear a horn honk and Ethan say "Ah, that's better!"
    Submitted by None
  • Mini Rocket Launcher

    At the Level Select screen press R, L, C"l, C"r, C"d at the level select screen. This will give you the mini rocket launcher and 30 rockets.
    Submitted by None
  • 7.65 Silenced Pistol

    Press C"u, L, C"r, C"l, C"u at the Level Select screen. Youll get the pistol with 30 rounds.
    Submitted by None
  • High Powered 9mm Pistol

    At the level select screen press R, L, C"d, C"u, C"u. This pistol comes with 30 rounds.
    Submitted by None
  • Uzi

    At the level select screen press C"r, C"l, C"r, C"d, R. This gun comes with 30 rounds.
    Submitted by None
  • Dead Piano Player

    In the game Mission: Impossible go to the recover NOC: List mission. First you need 7.65 silinced pistol, the UZI, the minnie rocket launcher, and the 9mm high power gun. Go to the Embassy Function, the first level. Go over by Dieter and get out the rocket launcher, or any one you like I would perfer the rocket louncher, kill Dieter you might have to shoot him acopule of times but thats ok whenthe gaurd comes down quickly turn around and kill him. Then kill everyone in sight remember DON'T KILL THE PIANO PLAYER YET! then kill all of the gurds and everyone in the next erea. Then when everyones dead kill the piano player. wate about 40 seconds then press START. wate 40 more second wile in START menue. Then press START. you will hear the piano player playing the piano!
    Submitted by Dustin
  • Enter a blank screen!

    Enable the "Turbo Mode" code and begin game play on the first Ice Hit level.Get droped off by the boat, then hurry over the fence. Run to the road that is to your left. When it comes back jump on it and ride it all the way until you fall off. You will not fall in the water! Go the way the boat went which look like a waterfall. Do not go the other way or you will fall into the water! You can run around and do anything. When you are done doing this you have to reset the game.
    Submitted by David Naessens
  • Staff Mode

    When you wait a really long time in the Embassy Function, all the producers, directors, artists, etc.(staff members) who made the game, will be stamding around in the level, instead of all the dressed up dudes who are supposed to be in the level.
    Submitted by Charlie Pablo
  • Kid Mode

    At the level select screen press C"d, C"u, R, L, Z.
    Submitted by None

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