MGS4: Eva through the ages

Snake (in his many guises) has been lucky enough to enjoy the company of many curvaceous comrades - only some of which were trying to kill him. But who's your favorite Metal Gear Solid ladyfriend? We'd have to pick MGS3's Eva - and not just because she didn't bore us with endless existential blatherings.

And, look, here she is. These first pics confirm Eva's return in Metal Gear Solid 4, while proving that - even at the age of, well, over 70 - she's still got "it."

She's ditched the bikini/boilersuit look - although that's probably for the best - and opted for a cosy looking padded jacket and jack-boot style. If anything, Eva looks even more striking, having lost her girlish charms for a more severe but still attractive appearance. MGS4 Eva is like Honor Blackman, only sexier. No doubt she'd be able to show Solid Snake a wealth of 'experience'.

But will she be helping, or hindering Solid Snake's final mission? Keep your eyes on the official Metal Gear Solid website for info updates...

July 24, 2007


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