Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops - updated hands-on

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops looks a little different every time we see it. However, the time we spent with it during a tournament at the Tokyo Game Show is the biggest leap forward since we first saw the game at E3 in May.

Like our previous sessions with the game, this one focused only on the Metal Gear Online-style multiplayer, and it was in the same trench-filled level we explored every other time we've played. But it was a little bigger and more explorable this time, with open doors allowing us to explore inside all the buildings, and this was also the first time we'd seen anything but the every-man-for-himself deathmatches.

Three-on-three team deathmatch isn't fundamentally much different, but it was at least new. We still spent our time running around, locking onto enemies with the L-trigger and racking up points by gunning them down, but this time, there were two people we had to work together with. Also, the character selection and weapon loadouts were randomized, and so we were able to try out all kinds of new gear as we piloted cosmonauts, scientists and characters like Raikov and SIGINT around the maze.


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