Mercenaries 2: World in Flames lights up

The playground of destruction just got a killer new sandbox

Meanwhile, another player had joined the game - two people can play cooperatively now - and taken on the role of Eva, a new playable character (so you actually have four mercs from which to choose now). Eva immediately demonstrated a crazy-useful new weapon, a crossbow that fires a grappling hook.

She fired the crossbow at a passing enemy helicopter, then retracted the cable, thus hoisting herself up to the copter. Kicking the pilot out of the cockpit, she assumed the controls and headed toward the mission's target: a leviathan off-shore oil rig the size of two football fields laid side by side.

Mattias was already there, having swum out to a boat, jacked it, then taken it to the oil rig. Making his way onto the deck, he dispatched a few guards and set about planting satchel charges on the rig's support columns.

When finished, Mattias used his own grappling hook (everyone has one, apparently) to snag onto the landing gear of Eva's copter just as the charges began going off, rocking the entire platform. While lifting Mattias to safety, Eva blasted a few more missiles into the rig's already failing superstructure.

Finally, with a massive groan of cement and metal, the supports gave way, sending the entire oil platform plunging to a watery grave. This impressive feat was capped off by our demoer's remark, "You should see what we're doing with fluid physics. Can you imagine what would happen to the surrounding water if you dropped an entire oil rig into it?"

Indeed we can. This game can't find a publisher and release date quickly enough. In fact, drivers may decide it's practically therapy: we've been shelling out way too much for gas for far too long. At least in this virtual world, we can do something about it.


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