Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

The original Mercenaries on the Xbox and PS2 offered hours of enjoyment outside of the game’s official missions thanks to its flexible physics engine. With the help of some handy cheats and a hankering for destruction, fans were quick to discover the joys of stacking tons of vehicles before blowing them to smithereens.

Take a quick look through YouTube, and you’ll find all sorts of home-brewed explosions that gamers have captured like this one - which features a meticulously crafted pyramid of helicopters detonated by tons of C4 explosives. And developers of the game’s sequel, Mercenaries 2: World in Flames have been watching. “We saw these videos of players using the helicopter winch to stack and arrange vehicles, and thought it was a cool idea” says lead designer Scott Warner.

Expect to see the fruits of YouTube posters’ labors of love in the form of a minigame that involves stacking vehicles sky-high with the helicopter winch. While footage of the actual minigame was unavailable at the demo we saw, you can see some samples of more fan-made stacking and exploding from the original Mercenaries here.

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