Meet the Robinsons

Not content with the tradition of making all games based on a movie suck hard, the good folks at Buena Vista Games have their work cut out for them. Luckily, their latest offering, Meet the Robinsons - inspired by the Disney CG film of the same name - is shaping up to be one of the lucky few to break the mold. Buena Vista is determined to stray from the plot of the film, in which dorky, yet tragically orphaned Lewis searches for memories of his mother... and is subsequently kidnapped and sucked into the future by the eccentric, yet lovable Robinsons. Instead, we get a brand-new adventure that wisely focuses upon the far hipper Wilbur Robinson, the troublemaker of the family, and his adventures through time.

The game opens in Ancient Egypt as pained groaning comes from King Tut’s tomb. As the top slides off, we see not a rotting, mummified corpse, but Wilbur standing triumphant. He slides in next to the dead pharaoh and takes a snapshot. Seems he's jumping through time to take photos with historical figures; his next target? Honest Abe Lincoln. One thing that needs to be highlighted is the writing, which is actually pretty funny as we found ourselves laughing out loud at times.

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