Mario with killstreaks: A dread vision of a dark future where Activision owns Nintendo

Okay, so this video isn't actually that bleak. In fact it's pretty damn funny. It is though, a rather heavy ironic indictment of the prevalence of online shooters and me-too game design in the modern era. That's what I'm interpreting it as anyway. Animator freddiew might just have made it for shits and giggles.  But you know, I'm highbrow like that, and crap.


I particularly like the way he's re-interpreted CoD's 2D mini-map as the original Super Mario Bros' World 1-1 scrolling by in the corner. That's clever, that is. Jolly good show.

Also, if you watch it on the original YouTube page, hold down your 1 key while it's playing.

Cheers, GoNintendo.

March 18th, 2011

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  • Spybreak8 - March 19, 2011 8:43 a.m.

    That was hilariously awesome.
  • Crimmy - March 19, 2011 6:23 a.m.

    I think Freddie's RL mario kart was epicer (I made a new word. Suck it) but I liek the guitar invincibility the most. Stuck in my head.
  • Lucretiel - March 19, 2011 6:01 a.m.

    I was ready to be all lol how stupid but now I really want to play this game
  • trojan12 - March 19, 2011 2:31 a.m.

    Now I'm actually hoping Activision one day buys out Nintendo! This would be awesome if it were a true release...
  • MasterMatt - March 18, 2011 9:49 p.m.

    Wow, this is awesome. But when is freddiew ever not?
  • Kruis - March 18, 2011 9:30 p.m.

    captcha: "free pormag"... damn, got my hopes up for a second 0_0. that is all.
  • SVC5 - March 18, 2011 9:17 p.m.

    I love Freddiew videos, they are all really cool.
  • NightCrawler_358 - March 18, 2011 6:17 p.m.

    I thought it was funny when he leveled up to Master Plumber! Also the little kill couts in the bottom-left showing that he jumped on them and what not. freddiew has some cool videos i must say.
  • Cleanser247 - March 18, 2011 5:42 p.m.

    The only thing I respect about Activision is Dan Amrich : )
  • SecretGingerWizard - March 18, 2011 5:26 p.m.

    @mattdark pause, then hit play, then hold down 1 and it will keep skipping back to a certain frame and reveal a little easter egg
  • ThatGuyFromTV - March 18, 2011 4:58 p.m.

    Activision has surprisingly left Ninty alone, now that I think about it... I wonder why.
  • Sniped50 - March 18, 2011 4:06 p.m.

    I think I'd actually play that if it ever came out... Get Nintendo on the phone NOW! And tell them not to trust Activision! THEY WILL DESTROY MARIO!!! @Cutter9792 Don't knock Hooters. Is very funny.
  • jackthemenace - March 18, 2011 3:41 p.m.

    Love it. Especially the Bulletstorm themed skillshots. Made me LOL.
  • mattdark - March 18, 2011 3:34 p.m.

    What exactly is holding 1 down supposed to do on the actual you-tube page? I didnt see anything differant.
  • Cutter9792 - March 18, 2011 3:28 p.m.

    It was posted on freddiew's page, but Brandon Laatsch actually animated it. MISTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKE! You guys need another staff editor.
  • CitizenWolfie - March 18, 2011 2:42 p.m.

    Activision wouldn't have done it that good. You'd have to play it with a huge Plunger peripheral and pay 1500 MS points to use warp zones.
  • GR_DavidHoughton - March 18, 2011 2:02 p.m.

    Good point. Call of Duty ripped off Mario. Now official fact.
  • Cyber6x - March 18, 2011 11:59 a.m.

    25 Kills Killstreak - Mushroom cloud.
  • JenosIdanian - March 18, 2011 11:53 a.m.

    I thoroughly enjoyed that video. I especially liked the names of the upgrades like "Acid Trip" for getting the 1-up mushroom. Had me chuckling.
  • NeelEvil - March 18, 2011 11:20 a.m.

    That was really well done & a much funnier satire of the COD series than Duty Calls.

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