Lost Planet - multiplayer hands-on

The two other modes, Grab the Pole (...sigh) and Fox Hunt, were a mix of familiar and bizarre, respectively. Pole was capture the flag, with the radar posts taking the place of flags, while Fox Hunt seemed to revolve around "doing stuff to charge a meter." We say "seemed" because it wasn't quite finalized, and we won both rounds after firing only one shot.

Lost Planet isn't coming home until next year, but the intensity we felt while dodging three other bloodthirsty ice-hunters was enough to stop our hearts - and word is the final game is going to allow 16 total. We only had access to one map, so we can't say how much larger they may get, though even on this relatively smallish level we were able to find some pretty quiet, vacant hiding spots.

For new shots of the bug-infested single-player game, hit the Images tab - we've also got a brand-new, jaw-gapingmovieto check out as well.