Little things that annoy us about the Xbox One

Xbox, turn off

So, did you get one? An Xbox One? If so, you made a good choice. You're going to enjoy playing the hell out of all of the best Xbox One games, and once you wrap your head around the voice stuff you'll love that, too. But there's... definitely a learning period. That's to be sure.

We've rounded up all of the minor pet peeves we have with the hardware--that way, when you feel like something is driving you crazy, you can check and see that you're not alone. You're not the only... one.

Not knowing whether to call it the Xbox One, the Xbox, the Xbone, or something totally different

Having friends or family members say "Xbox, turn off!" while you're playing, just to piss you off

The fact that the default controller still uses regular batteries

Becoming reliant on the Kinect for UI navigation, and then realizing you have no idea how to find anything without it

Needing to, ironically, shout "Xbox, mute" several times to mute your volume because your volume is too loud

Wanting to set up the Kinect at night, but not wanting to go through the SUPER LOUD audio setup process

How, when you Snap something, it's sort of a pain to move between the two Apps with your voice

Having the system randomly think that you talking to a friend is a cue for it to suddenly launch an App

That it's very picky about which words work with Kinect (despite it constantly mishearing you anyway)

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