LEGO Indiana Jones - first look

If you thought last week’s trailer for the fourth Indiana Jones film felt a little flat, with its combo of CG locales and one very old Harrison Ford, then you’d be happy to hear that you can trust LEGO Indiana Jones as a better outlet for your nostalgia. Developed by Traveller’s Tales - the team behind LEGO Star Wars - Indy will traverse locales from each of the first three films, while embracing youngsters who might not be familiar with the franchise.

We got a chance to see the first level, set during the opening of Raiders of the Lost Ark. You know - booby traps, golden idol and a giant effing boulder. Before it began, we were struck by all the small things that add to Indy’s charm. He has a permanent “too old for this shit” look about his face, as he flexes his Nazi-pounding fists and adjusts his fedora during his idle animations. Each play session begins in Barnett College - he is a teacher, after all - which acts as the hub where you can select each level. We’re told you’ll be able to customize and select your characters here, as well as admire the relics collected on your journey.

The level opens with a cutscene that - like LEGO Star Wars - is one part shot-for-shot remake of the film and many parts hilarious. We won’t ruin the jokes, but they do capture the spirit of Indy and give us reason to laugh with the movies, not at them. Indy himself is quite a robust character - he can whip enemies or breakable environments, whip objects towards him, pick up objects, swing across ravines, shimmy around ledges and even swim. Could Mannequin Skywalker do any of that? Hell no. Note: Indy does indeed have melee attacks and will wield his trademark pistol if you’re not feeling up for choreographed sword fights.


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