Left 4 Dead cast to appear in music game

EXCLUSIVE: See the new funky faces of Francis, Bill, Zoey and Louis in MEVO & the Grooveriders

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Above: We%26rsquo;re happy to see that Bill%26rsquo;s still smoking

Above: They%26rsquo;ve really captured Louis%26rsquo; disheveled and stressed out look

Above: This is the first time we%26rsquo;ve actually wanted to hug a Hunter. We wonder if we%26rsquo;ll see other infected MEVOS

Above: You%26rsquo;ll be able to customize your MEVO with various outfits and dance sets

Above: Tap your keys in time to the beat to energize your MEVO and move it forward

Want to see more one-eyed survivors?You canclick herefor more screenshots.

Mar 19, 2009

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