Left 4 Dead cast to appear in music game

MEVO & the Grooveriders is a rhythm-based platformer for the PC that’s packed with funky tracks, bright colors, and lots of pretty candy-colored explosions. This cutesy playground is the last place you’d expect to see the four survivors from Valve’s frightening first-person shooter, Left 4 Dead. But if you purchase the special Steam version of the game, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Check out the screenshots and cool concept art we scored from MEVO’s developer, Red Rocket Games. We love the super deformed makeover they gave to Francis, Bill, Zoey and Louis and the gigantic eyeballs.

MEVO is set in a world that was once ruled by SILENCE. But that SILENCE was interrupted by a sound. This sound evolved into music, and that music eventually gave birth to toe-tapping creatures called EVOS. You’ll play as MEVO, the most musically evolved EVO, who rocks the house with his band.

The SILENCE tries to strike back by breaking up your band and muting the world’s groove. So you’ll have to tap your keys to MEVO’s beats to bring back the funk and get the band back together. After surviving hordes of infected, barfing Boomers, and angry Tanks, this should be easy. But Red Rocket Games is aiming for more than a one trick pony. They’re planning to include lots of achievements, alternate endings, and unlockables to add replay value. Neato.

Above: Francis may hate it, but this will help him keep an eye out for Hunters and Smokers

Above: We’re happy to see that Bill’s still smoking

Above: They’ve really captured Louis’ disheveled and stressed out look

Above: This is the first time we’ve actually wanted to hug a Hunter. We wonder if we’ll see other infected MEVOS

Above: You’ll be able to customize your MEVO with various outfits and dance sets

Above: Tap your keys in time to the beat to energize your MEVO and move it forward

Want to see more one-eyed survivors? You can click here for more screenshots.

Mar 19, 2009


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