Lara Croft's new and improved manor revealed

We first got to see inside Miss Croft's manor way back in 1996, now, 11 years later, thanks to the upcoming release of Tomb Raider Anniversary, we return to the original home of our favorite explorer and we’re glad to say it was worth the wait.

The video below takes you on a tour of the main parts of the house. We visit the to-be-completed swimming pool, the library, the gardens complete with infamous maze and, of course, we have a rummage around Lara’s bedroom.

Also included is a visit to the gym, which is again being used as a way to get to grips with all of Lara’s new moves ranging from wall running to rock climbing.

We’ve already spent hours excitedly exploring every nook and cranny of this huge house and we know there’s a lot more to be discovered.

Still trying to uncover more info about the intrepid explorer? Then check out our in-depth coverage, including developer interviews and exclusive screens, here.

May 3, 2007


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