Killzone 2 video guide – Intel Cases and Helghan Symbols

All 52 collectable Helghast icons and briefcases caught on film

That%26rsquo;s right, you need us. Go ahead and take a look at a few vids. Nice, aren%26rsquo;t they? It took us awhile to compile them, so you may notice that they%26rsquo;re not always in the order you come across them in the level. That%26rsquo;s because %26ndash; like we said %26ndash; they%26rsquo;re tough to find. They%26rsquo;re in the order we found them for each level, so they%26rsquo;re roughly in order of difficulty. Don%26rsquo;t worry, everything%26rsquo;s labeled and really easy to figure out. The best part is you don%26rsquo;t even have to tell your friends you cheated.

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