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Kane & Lynch: Dead Men review

Get Agent 47 on the phone - we've two chumps to be put out of their misery...


  • Main characters have cool history
  • Beautifully destructible environments
  • Some spectacular set-pieces


  • Main characters don't have personalities
  • Stupid teammates
  • Stupidly inaccurate weapons

Nov 16, 2007

On paper, this game should be incredible. It%26rsquo;s got two uniquely grizzled anti-heroes, an impeccable developer (IO, of Hitman fame) and loads of Michael Mann-inspired set-pieces (more on that later). The main men are Kane, a death row inmate who allegedly double-crossed his shady employers, The7, and Lynch, a paranoid schizophrenic who needs to constantly pop medication to keep his anger in check. Kane%26rsquo;s been sprung from prison and forced to find The7%26rsquo;s stolen booty or they%26rsquo;ll kill him, and Lynch is on hand to make sure his new pal doesn%26rsquo;t do a runner. And so the pair goes on a crime-filled rampage - robbing banks, shooting it out with cops and generally being a menace to society. But as Kane %26amp; Lynch: Dead Men unravels you soon realise that their partnership is as compelling as Bert and Ernie.

More Info

DescriptionA next-gen third-person action game from the makers of the Hitman series? Where do we get in line?
PlatformPS3, PC, Xbox 360
US censor ratingMature, Mature, Mature
UK censor rating, ,
Available platforms:Xbox 360


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