Just Cause 3


  • TheGamerTourist - November 27, 2012 11:19 a.m.

    Ooooooooooooohhhh. Yes please. JC2 was oodles of fun. While I wait for this to arrive, Far Cry 3 will hold me over until Bioshock Infinite, which will hold me over until GTA V, which will keep me plenty busy until, hm, maybe Saint's Row #4, and by then we'll all be proud owners of PS4/Xbox720 and play Just Cause 4 with Active Shutter glasses. Yay!
  • JayontheBay - November 13, 2012 5:03 a.m.

    I really agree with the ideas to be able to go into more places, do plenty more play with the grappling hook, ability to smash and bring down more objects and perhaps have more hand to hand combat (though that may be pushing it). Interactivity always makes gaming worlds feel less like building blocks and more like something immersive and real. One idea I don't think I saw yet, I'll explain below... There is a lot of space to explore on this game. The problem is that it feels empty: no animals, no trinkets or unusual things to discover in the woods or jungle areas. Wouldn't it be fun if there was some powerful beast(like a giant bear, lion or tiger) that was waiting in the jungle? I can imagine a very interesting challenge, trying to use the grappling hook and parachute to test your escape/evasion skills in this area. The challenge would be that you would have to keep moving to some degree to keep it interesting. It would be too easy just to go up into a tree and wait, so whatever it was that was after you would have to either be huge, or able to climb trees/buildings. With that said, it would be great if there were some enemies that could pursue you using your own abilities (such as being able to scale buildings). This idea was used pretty well in Prototype, if I'm not mistaken. At the very least, it would be both more realistic and interesting if there were some kind of beasts inhabiting the lands from time to time, and if there were at least small things of interest to be found when exploring natural areas..such as small forts, caches of unusual items, treasures, or the occasional bandit. But really, it would be particularity fun if there was some type of enemy that could give you a challenge on your own level, when trying to evade with the hook and parachute. This was one thing I spent the entire time wishing was there, most specifically, in the otherwise empty jungles. I hope they hear me.
  • Anoniempje - August 28, 2012 11:29 a.m.

    more standing/hanging location on vehicles. You could only have multiple location on enemy cars. But i want to hop from wing to wing on airplanes run across them and busses, i want to parasail from tuk-tuks,i want to hang from the side of cars. i want to place c4 on every corner of a car or plane. Coop and multiplayer. 5000 people all on the islands, all helping different factions. or just fracking about. Also, add trains so we can run inside and on top, shimmy from the side, parasail and hang from the front, like Back to the Future 3. and add hoverboards.
  • tyler-edwards - August 27, 2012 2:44 a.m.

    Yeah they could include so much other stuff but i'll let the developers do the work for me but one thing that has bugged me is the lack of a structured campaign. It really should be like GTA IV where each mission followed onto another mission and so on, something that wasn't apparent is Just Cause 2.
  • francisco-jacobo - August 16, 2012 9:50 a.m.

    Game Enviroment:_______________________________________________________ Better cities, more detailed and in depth, more varied and structured environments, if you make the island theme again, have one section be entirely Sahara and grand canyon and desert and savannah with awesome arches and land structures and a few oasis spread about it, a mountain section with glaciers and snowcaps and ice caves, a volcanic zone at the center of the island with a large and deep volcanoes and lava fields, a tropical jungle area with super large trees, jungle outposts, areas that are more open and areas that are super dense and green with vegetation, tropical beaches, with more detailed coral structures, more aquatic life, and more caves, urban center, also a swampy marsh area, cave systems, deep underwater canyons as well as any other environment I did not mention. Also, all environments should have a few things included to spice them up: interactive environmental states and events/weather/effects, by that I mean: e.g. the desert area should have random sandstorms and tornadoes that can affect gameplay, sandstorms will hinder your progress, on foot or in car, and destroy planes if you try to fly through them, tornadoes will do what tornadoes to cars and planes and you. The areas with mountains and snow can have random snow storms and if you’re on mountain side explosions, driving a vehicle, crashing, or firing a weapon can cause an avalanche, you can try to escape. Volcanic area would have lava flows that can kill you, geysers, and eruptions. each area should also have environmental points that can be traversed and add interest, like being able to go into the body of volcanoes, fly through a canyon, ext. another point is that there are almost no animals in just cause 2, maybe add more animals to the different areas, and have be dangerous if you cross there path, like sharks in the water that will attack you, poisonous snakes, crocodiles.... Mechanics:______________________________________________________________ Better targeting and firing mechanics, as well as better zoom in function, better cover system, and a better melee system, you should be able to deal punches, kicks, and sweeps. Block, counter, and enter QuickTime fighting sequences or moves. You should also be able to sneak up and silently assassinate people. Better NPC AI, make them harder to kill, to act more like people, your enemies will flank you, they cooperate to take you down, and you should be able to call on our allies to help: ability to call in factions based on how much they like you to help you out with soldiers (give you backup drop a vehicle for free or a discounted price etc.), have certain government property affect how soldiers act like destroy a radio communications tower have it take more time for back up to arrive or destroy an armory and have soldiers fight with pistols or destroy a radar have SAM sites not lock onto you. Also your heat level, based on your actions it should raise to different levels, and it should be reformatted to be set up something like this: Lv1 aka 1 stars:- killing citizens or destruction of property, stealing a vehicle causes police to come after you, attack you if they see you, increased probability of running into law enforcement, and getting called in if spotted by public for more than 30 seconds or something. Lv2 aka 2 stars:-killing a police or military character, destruction of private or military property or stealing a military vehicle, law enforcement will respond faster, and chase after you, on bike, vehicles, and chopper, attack on site, more likely to be attacked by military personnel that law enforcement, automatic weapons ant stuff used against you Lv3 aka 3 stars:- killing multiple people in public, or in sight of other people, grand theft auto and auto homicide, stealing military vehicle and then destroying stuff/ killing with it. Military follows you with attack choppers and boats, use missiles and grenades, will hunt you down Lv4 aka 4 stars:- destroying a military base, hijacking a large plane/ crashing said plane into public/military, killing high ranking military officials or government officials, military come after you with attack choppers in pairs of 2, tanks, swat teams, and if in the air, jets, they will shoot you down, public runs away from you on sight, some will attack you. Lv5 aka 5 stars:-all of the above for extended periods of time or more than one incident, entire island is on your ass, anywhere you go you are attacked, jets, tanks, choppers,, full military force, relentless until your dead or evade them for long enough. Lv6 aka 6 stars:- all of the above, but now bases are fortified like crazy against you, military presence multiplied by 10, military in public locations increased, check points on all roads choppers fly around looking for you in day or night (with searchlights) tanks located in towns, cities and outposts, as well as checkpoints, military convoys drive around, a
  • EnyoTaiz - August 12, 2012 8:17 p.m.

    One main thing if a wench on helicopters that won't break so you can pick up vechiles but is it's something heavy like a tank you need a bigger helicopter and destructible builds like Mercenaries
  • ncRustys - August 9, 2012 9:49 p.m.

    ability to repair vehicles ability to rob people or loot bodies i like the idea of getting a house but you need to be able to unlock different locations and upgrade individual houses (say you upgrade a forest house it will then be better than a beach house or a house on a mountain or in the city) ability to buy and upgrade more vehicles (perhaps a car dealership and you can take a car to a special garage to upgrade it and it will always be upgraded even if you buy it again) make health more available keep pick-ups (armor, money, weapon/vehicle parts etc.) have certain government property affect how soldiers act like destroy a radio communications tower have it take more time for back up to arrive or destroy an armory and have soldiers fight with pistols or destroy a radar have SAM sites not lock onto you add in cheats to buy from the black market like stronger, longer, or multiple grapple hooks or have top of the line body armor for god mode ability to customize your clothes more guns ability to call in factions based on how much they like you to help you out with soldiers (give you backup drop a vehicle for free or a discounted price etc.) KEEP IN CAPTURE AND UPLOAD TO YOUTUBE and last but certainly not least: MULTIPLAYER!!!
  • Etang - July 29, 2012 2:34 a.m.

    Well Welll Well. Where do I start. JC2 was one of the best open world shooter games I have ever played and i've been though them.. Lots. Thing is, its nearly perfect leaves a lot missing. It's like this. Go for the top but leave blocks missing in the middle, you're going to have a hard time. They aimed high and achieved it, quiet succesfully with many elements of immersion. However, a small rule of immersion was forgotten. If you add detailed immersion, it is imperative that you don't leave out selected bits. The list below is a cone of what NEEDS to happen to add a higher level of immersion. 1) First and foremost. More and better detailed guns. The range of available guns it almost disgusting. I mean, pistol, assault rifle, sniper? I saw that gun spread on mercenaries, a PS2 game. You'd be wanted, Gun Type: Pistol. Gun Name: M1911, attachements: silencer, full auto. Not COD level but some small amount of attachements and MORE MORE MORE gun types. 2) Combat. I can't lie. The combat really killed the game for me. It's so unrealistic. The health, the aiming, the auto mouse acceleration made combat a chore. Combat needs to be fun, dynamic. People shouldn't be held in the air by a stream of lead stemming from a metal lump named "Machine Gun". Needs a serious look at. 3) The buildings. I saw above that someone didn't like the idea of enterable buildings. I disagree. Enterable buildings. Imagine it. Plant C4 in building, shootout with aptly named guns, put some rounds into a window, jump... grapple a helicopter, explode building. Building demolished. Days later or when the player leaves the "cell", building it back to normal. 4) Skyrim Mission dynamics. Skyrim has a really great dynamic, radiant quest system. Just Cause 3 needs a system where the played CREATES the mission. Say an air base. Arrive in a F14 jet, bombing run, get hit by SAM turrets and flak guns, jump out, avoid fire from AK-47 and AK-74us and engage, disabling communitcations, power and the ilk all the while kicking butt with a pimped out gun, nailing tons of targets then escape. 5)Big ass battles or something would be sick. Not a must, but raids and stuff. Yeah that's all ladies. But yeah, have fun with my list, attack me and whatever. Also, I support all the above suggestions, but couldn't be bothered adding them to my own list. Peace out.
  • zachary-green - July 27, 2012 1:37 p.m.

    Some of the things that i would like to see implemented in a JC3 game would be supersonic flight there where a lot of jets in the last game but none of them could move very fast i would like to see fighter jets that can cover vast distances with out a long boring flight 20km down wind. also the jets in JC2 had some pretty cool weaponry however aiming it in any useful way at anything worth shooting at meant flying in circles and taking pot shots hoping to hit something and having the dexterity to not crash in the process. this could be improved by having lock on missiles and some form of aiming assistance whilst flying near targets. and another idea for improving the jets in a JC3 iteration would be to adopt ace combat style flight controls and animations. also add a simple HUD to cars and vehicles that would show the speed would be nice as well. Another big part of JC2 was blowing up everything from radar stations to gas depot's. i would like for these to have some kind of effect on the response of the enemy especially the radar stations once i blow them all up i want there to be a delay before a base under siege can call for back up. and the statues of the dictator once torn down should make the citizens of a town in which im having a gun fight help me out by distracting the guards and troops. Also through reading the comments posted here i like the idea of a destructible environment such as blowing up skyscrapers with explosives placed on the inside central structural column strategically placed on certain floors and the basement of said skyscraper. as well as with this have a construction zone around the destroyed area for a few game days thereafter to rebuild a new skyscraper from one of like 30-40 different designs prefabbed into the game for future destruction in the same spot not just rebuild the same skyscraper in the same spot every time that is no fun. I also like the idea of building your own house however for it to be balanced with the ideas such as runways and a big mansion you would need to be able to build a house in several different locations such as the jungle mansion with only helicopters allowed and no road in to the place. or the mountain top fortress with a runway and personal surface to air missile launchers. to do this properly you would probably need some form of Realtor agency to visit and buy a location for the home. and then allow the player to customize it with their own hanger for planes and garage for cars improving it one piece at a time till its awesome. and maybe even add some security for hire guys to protect it from raids by the government. Finally the last thing i would like to see in JC3 would be the ability to rig a car you are driving with explosives only to turn it around at your pursuers and dive out at the last second with your parachute and ram a large car bundle of C4 missile style into a large group of police pursuers.
  • cameron-meyer - July 18, 2012 8:11 p.m.

    just cause 2 was..... ok is my favert game ever but it is missing a few things that i would like to see (if this is not a hoax is seems to good to be true) and in advance im sorry about thee spelling i know im terable at it but im 16 hahaha 1.KEEP THE PHYSICS DEFYING PARACHUTE AND GRAPPLING HOOK i can not stress how amazing that makes this game i read stuff about it being able to swing that= bad idea 2. easier to get in car combat that was at the beginning of just cause 2 i know that you CAN but you have to impervise getting into it and its easier to get away 3. make it harder to get away on land but air should ba a semi-clean escape 4. i think i saw this in the picktuers but putting out you grapling hook to stop vickles is a great idea that i was disapoinded you could not do when i tryed it 5. i saw someone say "make the buildings more then just graphics" its a good idea but might be a waist of time lest be honest you done play that game to be inside of buildings 6. make the water more interesting add subs under water tunnels i dont care just try to spice it up a little 7. i saw someone also say something about a customisable house its a great idea to have a nice place to yourself that you made but dont over do it keep the costimasion system simple and this just cause 3 so just go nuts with the thisng you can add on 8.they are lots of planes in jsut cause 2 but im a plane guy i even want to be a pilot so believe me when i tell you you need to add some dog fighting XD just fyi dog fighting is air to air with planes NOT helicopters! 9. i know malti player is on here a lot but im going to say it again and not just for the computer or XBOX live or the PS network im talking about sitting in the room with your buddy and blowin sh** up together 10. this should not be said... but im going to say it anyway... take out the mopeds and the skotter things with three wheels whos name escapes me at the moment this is going to be very controversial but i see no use for them 11. im not a big fan of the combat in just cause 2 i proffer eascaping to fighting moastily (i think) cause the combat system is difficult to am accuterly in a timely manor but dont get me wrong you can use it if you want to and i LOVE easckping 12. keeps lots of shear clifes right next to roads there is nothing more fun then barling a armored car down a cliff while your being perused pulling your shute are lagging as the people that were after crash and burn at the bottom of the mountain/ revene 13. add flairs to the helicopters and planes 14. i know this is a given but im going to say it anyway KEEP THE DESTRUCTION KEEP THE FACT THAT YOU CAN PUT C4 ON A CAR PUT IT IN A GAS STATION AND THE WATCH IT EXPLODE! i dont care if its tarasum doing things like that makes that game what it is! 15. perks and killing streaks.......... FU** NO! but leveling up your carture would be nice and if you do that why not take it all the way and add a skill tree nothing to insane just things like more damige and faster hijacking run faster maybe some more grapling moves you could have some fun with that one but im edjy with this one... i think it might make the game a little less fun if you have to think about things like that but its up to you 16. might be fun. guns for hire even if they are just computers but whatever you do (if you diside to do this) dont make it a tile limit system make it they stay till they die if you like my ideas or hate them i want to know mt e-mail is BUT tell me WHY you like/hate them dont just go on and start cussingme out and calling my ideas stupid try to explane what you mean cause i might agree after you have said your side and if you had the pashince to read this whol thing i thank you for your pashince but look you made it to the end and i hope your someone who can put these ideas into a game if your not hope you enjoyed anyway have a nice day and if you have any comments make sure you e-mail me
  • aamatetti - July 15, 2012 6:08 p.m.

    i loved this game but is was was missing a few things, my main want from this new game is a house. First you start off with a shack and you can upgrade to make it bigger and to have weapons, a heli-pad or a runway. You should be able to put it anywhere you want. This is because once you beat the game you have a ton of money laying around and nothing to do with it. Another great thing would be a multiplayer, invite your friends to blow stuff up or play a huge game of hide and go seek. And with the multipalyer, i don't understand why people don't like it in sandbox games, no one says you have to play with other people if you just want to play the story by yourself.
  • ev - July 6, 2012 7:24 p.m.

    Ok prob one of my favorite games of all time. I enjoy games such as Zelda, Final Fantasy's, GTA games etc...So to me this was 'almost' 10/10 for me but not quite. OMG it would be perfect IF they could please add: -Alot more character interaction meaning memorable characters throughout the games. -Make the buildings MORE than just graphics!!! Please let us go inside and explore them!!!! I love jumping off skyscrapers but wouldn't it be cool to grapple swing into a window and break it and walk around inside???? YES -The secret weapon / item system. OK, i want hidden items throughout the world. One of a kind items that help you progress through the games. Such as ZELDA OR SKYRIM. Not 5 million of the same weapon boxes that honestly gets a tad boring. -Subs would be cool and the underwater thing....OMG PLEASE MAKE THE OCEANS MUCH MORE INTERACTIVE WITH THINGS TO DO!!! I LOVE THE WATER AND SWIMMING BUT WHAT'S IT REALLY FOR??? TO ONLY FIND A BLACK BOX??? COME ON...
  • ashley-timlin - July 1, 2012 4:18 a.m.

    I think they should add a zombie mode, in case you want to make it more exciting
  • colbywilson - June 26, 2012 6:41 p.m.

    There WAS a Jungle, Dessert, Ice world in a sense. I see what you're saying though, those areas were pretty small, the tropical aspect took over most of the game. I want to see an open world game with freaking submarines, Imagine not only having to dodge, enemy boats, choppers, and planes. But, now you have freaking subs and torpedoes to worry about! There are so many elements from different games, where if they were all combined it would be the best open world/sandbox game ever created!
  • trent-power - June 25, 2012 3:48 p.m.

  • LOLasaurus - June 15, 2012 4:22 p.m.

    One thing that I'd love to see implemented is some level of strategy! In JC2 I could capture every military airbase in the game but they could still call in air support that would show up in 30 seconds. Where are these choppers coming from?! Maybe they could implement a system where if you try to just storm into a base head first it will be extremely difficult. Or you could use some strategy to make things a bit easier. Destroy nearby communications outposts to delay the arrival of reinforcements. Destroy a nearby armory and the troops in the base or equipped with SMGs instead of assault rifles Destroy a nearby airbase to prevent/delay air support. Destroy a nearby naval base to prevent/delay naval support Destroy all the propaganda trailers in an area to reduce the number of infantry in an area My only other request is that bases and towns be more clearly defined. Too many times I'll be stuck at 95% completion of a town only to find that some small hut half a mile away was considered to be part of said town.
  • jonathan-sawyer - June 14, 2012 6:13 p.m.

    Holy crap! I don't care about better controls. The jc2 controls are great. I wish for only two things. Have someone online roam around with you in a COUNTRY. And the ability to go inside buildings screw call of duty, ill go foreign for video games. Give yourself a round of applause. Just cause 2 is incredible
  • ashley-percival - June 14, 2012 12:43 p.m.

    F*** loads of sandbox s**t and tonnes more of fun, and the ideas thought of in the post, especially the extra grapple cables and vehicle stuff
  • alexander-roberts - June 11, 2012 7:49 a.m.

    Better Driving system.. both 1-2 Driving system sucks and also the aircraft system sucks make it better and i will live inside the game ;) and also make it multiplayer.... but best ever game... ;)
  • Shinard - June 10, 2012 10:02 a.m.

    An online free roaming component like Red Dead Redemption would be awesome. In fact, you could almost just cut Just Cause 3 and slap that onto Just Cause 2 and I'd be happy!... Almost.

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