Interview with a booth babe

C+2’s Shayna: It is kind of an odd question because I am pretty enveloped in the gaming community and thus everyone already knows. However, I do some modeling outside of gaming and get various reactions. I wouldn’t say there are a ton of photographers who are gamers, so to be honest, they don’t really care either way. The people in the modeling world who are gamers are totally surprised and love it!

Above: Shayna making the Union Jack look sexy

C+2 Angel: I was playing Rainbow Six: Vegas online, and I was playing with a bunch a guys and I had my mic off until I got the briefcase and then I was like "Can someone help cover me while I get this back to the spot?" And the guys were all like "OMG you're a chick! And you're kicking ass!!" My reply was "Yes, OK, now help cover me so we can win this!" So although I have had sad stories, some of them are nice.

Above: At least Angel has something to defend herself with

GR: Does it put any of them off?

C+2’s Kahrren: It hasn’t yet. Being in Seattle where the Xbox was born, I have always known a ton of guys who game. If they meet me online and find out later, I get neutral to positive reactions. I have never had a negative response to it.

Above: Kahrren comes from the same place as Xbox

C+2 Deanna: I think because I am a big DDR fan, my favorite genre does not attract as many jerks as some of the others. When I meet people out in the real world, everyone thinks it is cool.

Above: Deanna loves DDRbut also fell head over heels in love with Ico

GR: Have you played any boys/men that have a real problem if they lose to you?

C+2’s Melanie: Maybe it's because I have been a tomboy all my life, but for whatever reason, the guys I hang out with don’t consider it to be a problem if they lose to me.

Above: Melanie - gamer and skater

C+2’s Erica: Not usually. I have been gaming with my brother since we were kids and have grown up playing with guys. I have also hosted LANs where the news gets out pretty quick. I believe there are so many more girls who game nowadays that it is not the issue it once was.

Above: Ericaenjoys cosplay and collecting classic game systems

GR: Do men assume you know less about games than they do? Any examples?

C+2’s Kelly: Guys always feel the need to explain things to me when I’m learning a new game. They don’t realize that I’m a quick learner and adapt easily. I’m also a console gamer, so I know how to move around which is something most guys assume I probably wouldn’t know how.

Above: Kelly was addicted to her SNES back in the day

GR: Have you ever had any men try and hit on you while you've been working at a convention?

C+2's Ines: With. Out. End. But it is not a bad thing. I think any girl who is being a booth babe expects and enjoys the admiration of the attendees. As for me, I tend to balance it in my mind with the haters. I figure I am probably somewhere in the middle of those sides, but enjoy the compliments when I get them.

Above: Ines gets guys hitting on her a lot

GR: Ever had gifts from an obsessed 'fan'?

C+2’s Kat E (Charisma+2’s East Coast Model Manager): I've been lucky enough to have some enthused supporters give me some tokens of appreciation, but I wouldn't call any of them obsessed fans.

Above: Nobody would dare be an 'obsessed fan' with Kat E. That's a pretty big gun

C+2’s Raychul: Yes, guy fans give me gifts all the time, and I appreciate every single one of them. I am not like your 'normal girl with fans' though; each and every guy who writes me or tries to talk to me, I will always take time out to write them back or talk to them. Some of my biggest fans are now some of my closest friends. Some girls just wave off fans and just use them to get things they want or only talk to them when they want the guy to vote for them in a contest and whatnot, but that’s not me. Every single fan who writes me will always get a message back, and I will always treat them like another human being, not just some tool to give me attention when I want it.

Above: Raychul makes an excellent Super Girl

GR: How would you describe the average game journalist or game convention attendee?

C+2’s Jordan (Charisma+2’s Community Manager): I would best describe them as awesome! I mean we are all there because we love gaming so I tend to think on the whole, the crowd is pretty great.

Above: Jordan thinks games journalists are awesome. She's right

GR: What do you think of the men that go around the show taking pictures of/with all the booth babes/models?

C+2’s Stephanie: I think it is a blast! I mean, I take pictures with all the cute guys and girls who work the booths because it is fun. I enjoy getting to meet them, even if it is just for a second, sometimes we get to talk if it is not crazy busy. So of course I love it when someone wants to take a picture with me. It is flattering.

Above: Stephanie - described onher bioas 'super recreational gamer who is super fun to play with'

GR: What's the best type of show attendee?

C+2’s Alexandra (Charisma+2’s West Coast model manager and fitness consultant): The best kind of attendee is the one who is absolutely thrilled to be there. I know every time I get to go to or work a convention, I am like a kid in a candy store full of excitement. It is others like this that add to the whole experience.

Above: Alexandra is officially 'fit'. It's her job

GR: And the worst type?

C+2’s Kahrren: That’s a tough one since I normally don’t give those guys much thought. I guess maybe system fanboys where everything else absolutely sucks except whatever platform they use.

Above: Kahrren has a PC and all current-gen consoles