Inside I'm Dancing review

Michael (Steven Robertson) has cerebral palsy and is resigned to living a bland existence in care homes. Into his life wheels Rory (James McAvoy), a muscular dystrophy patient with few motor skills below the neck - - but a real motor mouth above it.

The pair become fast friends: Rory can make out Michael's mangled speech patterns, while Michael helps him realise his dream of living independently. But the pair find that flat-sharing isn't as easy as it looks, particularly when they hire the sexy Siobhan (Romola Garai) as their assistant...

Refusing to treat its protagonists as stereotypically heroic, Damien East Is East O'Donnell's latest revels in the interplay between the two, staying out of the treacle pot until the very end. Feeding off the snappy script, McAvoy and Robertson bounce off each other with ease, while Garai is down-to-earth charm personified. You have to ask, though, why genuinely disabled actors weren't hired to play the leads...

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