Import Tuner Challenge revs up

[360] We've got tire-squeeling trailers and screens from this new import

In Ubisoft's continuing commitment to bringing us the finest in imported Japanese 360 games, Import Tuner Challenge has been picked up for release in the States in Fall 2006. A Need For Speed clone focusing specifically on imports, ITC will enable you to alter any number of rocket-rides for illicit street racing through genuine Tokyo highways. Over 400 opponents await your entrance into the infamous world of illegal street racing, and you'll get to pick from over five million different customization combinations.

Featuring online play over Xbox Live is a given, but the number of competitors that will be able to race at once remains shrouded in secrecy. Judging from the videos (which you can view by clicking the Movies tab above - yeah, we're going to tell you that every time), we can't really see how there are five million customizations as it appears that you only get to choose from four or five different styles of front bumper, but we hasten to add that this early promo footage may not be indicative of the finalized options. But, whew... five million? That's a crazy amount of import tuning...