Hurt Locker producer in Oscar trouble


The Hurt Locker might be the underdog in the Oscar race with Jim Cameron’s all-conquering Avatar , but one of the film’s producers has gone a bit overboard in the David vs Goliath stakes.

Nicolas Chartier, one of four producers on the Iraq war movie, sent a series of emails to Oscar voters, urging them to vote for an independent picture and not, “a 500 million dollar film.”

A none-too-veiled slight on Avatar then, and one that has had Academy members up in arms over its obvious breach of rules concerning negative campaigning.

Academy rules specifically forbid any “attempt to promote any film or achievement by casting a negative light on any competing film or achievement.”

Chartier has since made a slightly red-faced apology, saying, “My naivete, ignorance of the rules, and plain stupidity as a first-time nominee is not an excuse for this behaviour and I strongly regret it.”

As yet, the Academy has not yet announced what action it will take, and none is expected before the awards have been doled out on March 7th. That said, Chartier will have done his side no favours as the two pictures prepare to lock horns on Sunday evening.

Will The Hurt Locker defeat Jim’s big blue giant? Let us know!

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