How to get a PS3

Developer dishes on how to get Sony's hot console on launch day - the answer probably won't surprise you

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If you follow the game industry much, you might recognize Kudo Tsunoda, general manager of EA Chicago and executive producer on such high-profile games as Fight Night Round 3 and the upcoming Def Jam: Icon. During Sony's recent PlayStation 3 preview event in San Francisco, we caught up with Tsunoda to pick his brain about the best way for you, the gaming public, to get your hands on a PlayStation 3 at launch.

Clearly, Tsunoda was cynically joking around (we were also in the midst of having more than one beer with him, so factor that in as well), buthis answer is just a little toorealistic- as in, that may actually be the best plan - for us to laugh. To hear his expert advice for yourself, just hit the Movies tab above; just be forewarned that you might have a little difficulty following it in the span of time between now and Nov. 17.

October 30, 2006


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