How to craft a perfect storyline in WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2010

Show those TV writers how it’s done by following our story guide

It%26rsquo;s been a busy 2009 thus far for the WWE. On SmackDown, reigning champ CM Punk has driven Jeff Hardy into premature retirement after an epic summer-long battle, and now seemingly has the backing of WWE management as he enters a feud with the Undertaker over the World Heavyweight Title. Meanwhile on Raw, both D-X and John Cena have endured a miserable year thanks to the attentions of Randy Orton%26rsquo;s Legacy group. Exciting times for sure, but could you do even better in 2010? Now%26rsquo;s your chance to find out!

Time to complete
The Storyline Designer mode can last either a single night or up to two whole years of WWE programming %26ndash; including Raw, SmackDown, ECW and some 14 unique Pay-Per-View (PPV) events.

Best bit
There are some pretty cool animations to choose from %26ndash; cars can explode, friendships can turn sour, sneak attacks can occur at any time. Make sure you use the big angles sparingly though %26ndash; there%26rsquo;s only so many times John Cena can get run over by a car before viewer fatigue sets in.

Hardest bit
Planning the storylines out so they climax at the right time %26ndash; draw out a rough outline on paper before starting work on a new story. Ideally, one-on-one confrontations should wait until the Pay-Per-View events %26ndash; but screwy finishes and run-ins from allies and enemies alike should help keep interest levels up should you need to throw them in the ring together before then.

Q. How do I know if my storyline%26rsquo;s any good?
A. Once your storyline goes online, it%26rsquo;s completely at the mercy of the online community %26ndash; they have the ability to score your creation out of five stars and leave a full review if your tale has touched their soul sufficiently. Take constructive criticism on board but be prepared to take the odd abusive comment on the chin %26ndash; chances are that it%26rsquo;s nothing personal.

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