How Halo changed

Sept 04, 2007

Games have to be made, of course. They%26rsquo;re created from scratch, not born with their daddy%26rsquo;s nose, with developers piecing them together down to the genetic level. So, it%26rsquo;s no shock to see them changing and evolving as they head towards commercial release: HUD tweaks, visual improvements, character makeovers, gobs of spit %26lsquo;n%26rsquo; polish and the like.

While all games go through a sequence of iterative facelifts, some go through a complete reinvention. Others get scrapped completely, to be rebuilt better, faster and stronger, or just to better please a particular audience. Others switch genres but retain their styles. And then some %26ndash; like Kirby%26rsquo;s Dream Land, our joker in the pack %26ndash; introduce a new Nintendo icon by not bothering to make an intended change.

So, here - starting with Halo - are eight games whose biographies are just as dramatic, bizarre or notable as the games themselves.