How to beat the final boss fight in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Your Lightning Returns journey has all come down to this: a face-off against the big bad Bhunivelze. Here's how to beat it and save the world without breaking a sweat.


  • Cloud_Strife125 - April 10, 2014 1:31 p.m.

    guys try final fantasy 7 only for ps 1 and i heard maybe 2 or was it 3? but its for ps and its great and takes forever by the way.....3 discs 60$ and by the way forever defines probably a month but if you never tried it have fun it will take 1 year to get everything :P and by the way you were right zach and um forgot other dude lol bhunivelze is a damn son of a bish XD
  • Cloud_Strife125 - April 10, 2014 1:22 p.m.

    Hey guys i have a question, i heard YES the dispel, deshell, imperil and deprotect on jump suit but should i use equilibrum + and SPECIFICLY mist wizard or what ever you used? or can i use one of the more censored and storng garbs aka amazon warrior, water chorus or midnight mauve or rrhapsody in rose? and what equipment i beat the game (restarted once) and i have all the quests (sidew and main done) and all the + equipments and everything from the FORGE OUTFITTER and yeah? what now? i need help on bhunivelze nice video......equib jump and ____ pick one plz also i will use ghost hood on the jump suit k thanks?
  • nconnors13 - February 27, 2014 6:18 p.m.

    So this strategy didn’t help me at all. I may be under leveled or not have the right equipment, so I tried the other strategy bonjovisxs mentions but I believe I did that wrong as well, since I continued to run out of ATB and could never really damage him enough. I’m sure my timing was just off. I looked on the internet and still found no strategy that really helped me, so I tried one and it worked surprisingly well. I’m posting it here just in hopes other people find it or pass it along, and maybe it will work for them. My Schemata were: Equilibrium, Dark Muse, and Paladin (get it from easy side-quest). Equilibrium had the Bonecracker (or shard blade) equipped, with fire, aero (didn’t use it), metaguard (didn’t use it), and attack. Dark Muse had Chaos’s Revenge equipped and then thunder, blizzard (didn’t use it) mediguard (again…didn’t use it), and Heavy slash. Paladin is heavy guard, aero, deprotect, and deshell. On Paladin equip the ghostly hood or Preta Hood, whichever form of his is giving you more trouble. For me his magic form was toughest to deal with. Then also equip the Femme Fatale blade to extend the deprotect and deshell time. The strategy is really, really easy. Basically, forget magic, and forget staggering him. All you do is hit him with deprotect, then use regular physical attacks or heavy slash. That’s it and you will be amazed at how fast his health goes down. Of course, guard whenever he attacks with the Paladin class. That’s it and that was what I did for the first three forms, and I had no problem. Had to use an X-potion or phoenix down here and there, but was able to save my EP for the last form. On the last form instead of attack/heavy slash, just use the magic to build the stagger bar. Once he staggers, go back to attack/heavy slash. Of course this is not a 5-star rating strategy. This is a “help I just want to beat the game and I can’t” tactic. I’d be interested to know if it works for anyone else. Before this strategy, I couldn’t even reach his final form, I ran out of EP and recovery items. Using this tactic, I had left over items after the battle. Hope it helps, maybe i just got lucky.
  • catmatmc - February 21, 2014 10:13 a.m.

    THANK YOU! I beat the final incarnation in less than two minutes by spamming lightning, then overclock, then lightning, then overclock, healing once and blocking as need. Only took me three times in that pattern to get him to stagger and then it was over.
  • bonjovisxs - February 17, 2014 3:30 a.m.

    Ok, for anyone like me who even with the guide could not quite get him to the end without running out of recovery items/ EP here is my strategy (its almost like cheating). For this put a guard ability on square for all schemata's and blizzard/aero on triangle, fire/thunder on X. Attack/heavy attack on circle. Its important to do the same on ALL schemata's. This strategy only has a slight variation to it in form 2. Be prepared for sore hands. When the fight starts button mash triangle and L1 or R2, this will rapid fire swap your schemata's, while casting a single spell in rapid succession (the speed is crazy, you might not even need to overclock). When ever he does a move, stop and press square. If set up correctly you will always block his moves. Ignore his stagger and continue. Your schemata's will recharge seemingly faster this way, and you will never need to halt, they will gradually seem to go down but you should always be able to block and never stop the attack. In Form 2 watch what ability he is absorbing, if its wind or ice, switch triangle to x, and if its fire or lightning swap keep on triangle. Bring potions/phoenix downs just in case, you will get hit sometimes (but rarely if done right). Keep up the assault through form 3. On form 4 you do no damage to him unless he is staggered, so use an overclock if you wish (you don't "need" to) but watch out for heartless angel (make sure to block). Once you stagger him, swap to circle to do attack/heavy attack for max damage (to finish him in one stagger). This strat will only get you one star, not good if you are going for a perfect score, but if you are under-leveled, possibly your only option other then new game +. This game is unforgiving and requires quick wits to make sure you block/attack at the right times. Some bosses are just a pain in that regard, so button mash!

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