Homefront PS3 patch releases, player complaints persist

Kaos Studios patch addresses freezing issues, but reports of errors continue to pour in

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Acting on numerous complaints about the PS3 version of Homefront regularly locking and freezing up, developer Kaos Studios issued a patch last night. According to THQ, the patch “should make a significant difference” for players who have been experiencing difficulties with the PS3 version. But visit the official Homefront forum, and you’ll see that many players are still experiencing instances of freezing post-patch, while reports of other errors continue to pour in.

In addition to post-patch reports of freezing issues, forum users have been drawing attention to errors with the game’s leaderboard and stat tracking system. Kaos Studios is aware of the issues and assures players that the errors will be resolved. “We are aware of the buggy leader boards and stat tracking issues and it is being addressed in an upcoming patch,” said Kaos’s Dan Matlack in one forum post.

Xbox 360 users are also reporting similar problems and can expect a patch of their own soon. “We have seen far fewer issues reported on 360 to date, but we are currently working on a title update that we trust will address most outstanding issues. As soon as we have a timeframe for this we will let you know,” said a THQ representative in an official blog post.

According to THQ, the PC version of Homefront is apparently “looking pretty robust right now,” adding that developers released a smaller patch yesterday for that version.

THQ and Kaos Studios have stated that both companies are committed to supporting Homefront post-launch, and encouraged players to continue reporting errors on the official forums. According to THQ, the hassles can be attributed to “teething problems in the first few days as the kinds are ironed out.”

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Mar 18, 2011

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