Hail to the Chief: PC Games for the Presidential Candidates

Barack Obama and John McCain are neck-and-neck in the polls and have less than six months left to convince the American public who ought to be the tax payer and who ought to be the tax collector. To that end, PC Gamer helpfully offers its suggestions for PC games that might help either Obama or McCain on the campaign trail, or that just seem particularly suited to one or the other.


Left 4 Dead

Obama will feel right at home in Valve's upcoming survival horror shooter that pits four survivors of a zombie apocalypse against hordes of the undead. Zombies are renowned and feared for their ability to keep coming at you howling for blood, even after you've hacked off their limbs, blown off half their face, and won an insurmountable lead in pledged delegates.

Half-Life 2
Given his real-life experience handling a man of the cloth who's a few tacos short of a combination plate, Obama should have no trouble at all managing Father Gregory's mad ravings.

America's Army
Barack Obama can certainly look forward to taking more than a few potshots in the coming months from veteran John McCain over his lack of military service, but he doesn't have to. By signing up for America's Army, he can earn invaluable combat cred without having to take time off from the campaign trail or drain the budget with recurring fees from commercial multiplayer games.

Cabela's Trophy Bucks
How, the pundits ask, is the arugula-loving Barack Obama going to connect with the rural folk whose fondness for guns he breezily dismissed earlier this year? Well, he could start by eating pork rinds and taking out a few hundred head of trophy deer in Trophy Bucks, Cabela's blockbuster sim for the Wal-Mart set.