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  • View character ending

    Complete arcade mode with any character using no continues to view the ending.
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  • Guilty gear mode

    Complete the arcade mode with all characters to unlock guilty gear mode.
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  • Play as dizzy

    Reach level 30 in the survivor mode and dizzy will challenge you. if you defeat dizzy you unlock her.
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  • Play as testament

    Reach level 20 in survivor mode and testament will challenge you. if you defeat testament you will unlock him.
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  • Get all character costumes

    To get all the character costumes in the game you need to get to a level of 100 in Survival mode.

    Note: Once you get to level 100, the survival mode ends. If you want to continue Survival mode hold L+R after you reach level 100.
    Submitted by airtobias

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Available Platforms: PS1