GRAW2 PC video briefing

Just as the original Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter on PC received an almost total redesign in the step from Xbox 360, so will GRAW2 be boosted with super-tactical features.

As the video below shows, you'll be able to pick your insertion point for each mission, then directly command your troops from the tactical map, for clean terrorist mop-ups.

It's so different, in fact, that it's almost worth 360 gamers with PCs hunting it out, especially with the brand new PC-exclusive multiplayer mode, Recon versus Assault. This pits the tech-heavy Ghost squad against a better armed, but less gadget-laden band of Mexican rebels - the Ghosts must kill the anti-air defence of the Recon force, while the Recon team just need to kill the Ghosts. We like.

May 18, 2007


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