GRAW 2 - updated impressions

They call it “putting the ‘Recon’ back in Ghost Recon,” but the host of stealth-friendly tactical enhancements GRAW2 adds to the tactical FPS could just as well constitute the “Ghost” part. And if they’re putting both back in, then that would rather imply the previous game was a bit blank.

Developer GRIN’s solution - and it’s hard not to imagine them beaming confidently as they went about it - will make the PC version crucially different from the Xbox. You’re still the leader of a small team of counter-terrorist Ghosts, trying to foil a Mexican terrorist plot, but the AI, controls, command system and every level have all been designed from scratch to make a more sophisticated and tactical game than the 360 version. Subtler, more thoughtful approaches are a more viable option this time thanks to three main changes to the way you direct your men.

Firstly, you can now set them to Recon mode, in which they’ll stay low, stick to cover and spot enemies but not engage them. Secondly, you have finer control over precisely where your troops go; partly because you now see markers for where each will head, and partly because they’re a little less imaginative about how they follow orders. They no longer feel the need to perform an elaborate dance among themselves, take a detour via Tijuana to do bodyshots off hookers, then come back to where you told them to go via every enemy in the sector.


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