Gothic 3 - hands-on

We also got a chance to experiment with the dark mage character build. After using the appropriately named "Army of Darkness" spell to summon a team of zombies and skeletons, we laid siege to a large Orc encampment. While our undead minions kept the Orc warriors at bay, we fried them to a crisp with the "Summon Lightning" spell which brought down some impressive white-hot bolts from above.

It looks like you'll be able to choose from a variety of builds for your character depending on your preferences. Besides the sneaky thief and the summon-crazy dark mage, we also got some time with a paladin-like build who had some strong melee skills as well as supportive spell casting abilities. We took our armor clad meat grinder to the arena in Mora Sul and sliced through a series of opponents.

You'll need to use the WASD keys in combination with the right and left mouse buttons to perform a variety of attacks, parries and blocks. Melee combat seems much more nuanced than ranged attacks in the build we previewed. If you go click-crazy and run in swinging like Galahad then your opponent will most likely make mincemeat out of you. We liked how you have the option to let your enemy live or kill him once you've knocked him down. We killed him of course, but the option was still nice.