Gorgeous Marvel vs. Capcom 3 screens show stages, Servbots, Spidey

First high-res pics of the fighting crossoever threequel are stunning

Let's face it, this intro is pretty irrelevent. You just want to see Street Fighter and Resi characters kicking the explosive crap out of super-heroes in glorious technicolour HD. So I'll cut to the important bits.

Eight screens, Ryu, Iron Man, Wolverine, Morrigan, The Incredible Hulk, Chris Redfield, Servbots, Spider-Man (sort of). Here are the images and a few of our careful observations...

Above: We love the way the thick, black shading makes things look comic booky without having to resort to cel shading

Above: This either takes part during a Spider-Man parade in New York, or Spidey has mutated to Godzilla size and is the final boss. Probably not the latter

Above: More neon streaking than a diarrhetic man eating a glow-stick. Apparently moves like this are going to create a cool paper-tearing effect on screen

Above: You can't quite make it out, but there's a Daily Bugle stand in the background. That would make this another New York stage then

Above: Hulk tearing the ground up underneath... someone

Above: Oh it's Chris

Above: Magum in face > torn-up floor

Above: There'san amazing comic book colour paletteto that blast