Gorgeous Marvel vs. Capcom 3 screens show stages, Servbots, Spidey

Let's face it, this intro is pretty irrelevent. You just want to see Street Fighter and Resi characters kicking the explosive crap out of super-heroes in glorious technicolour HD. So I'll cut to the important bits.

Eight screens, Ryu, Iron Man, Wolverine, Morrigan, The Incredible Hulk, Chris Redfield, Servbots, Spider-Man (sort of). Here are the images and a few of our careful observations...

Above: We love the way the thick, black shading makes things look comic booky without having to resort to cel shading

Above: This either takes part during a Spider-Man parade in New York, or Spidey has mutated to Godzilla size and is the final boss. Probably not the latter

Above: More neon streaking than a diarrhetic man eating a glow-stick. Apparently moves like this are going to create a cool paper-tearing effect on screen

Above: You can't quite make it out, but there's a Daily Bugle stand in the background. That would make this another New York stage then

Above: Hulk tearing the ground up underneath... someone

Above: Oh it's Chris

Above: Magum in face > torn-up floor

Above: There's an amazing comic book colour palette to that blast

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  • Miles_Endsly - January 27, 2011 2:55 p.m.

    I count 2 Dr Strange nearly exclusive Dr Strange villains and yet no Dr Strange... I find that Strange, perhaps they haven't leaked everything. Strange would be an awesome addition to a game like this.
  • pakk99 - June 5, 2010 3:51 a.m.

    @DecoyOctorok Dude, the Fantastic Four were the ORIGINAL Marvel A-list superhero team.
  • philipshaw - May 28, 2010 8:33 p.m.

    This looks great; I can't wait for it to come out
  • Onepersonwithnoopinion - May 27, 2010 10:34 p.m.

    Beautiful looking graphics, hope they don't change the gameplay too much, since the first two games are still flawless IMO.
  • sdmf4ever - May 27, 2010 9:12 p.m.

    If this looks and plays (on screen) anything like the new Tatsunoka VS. Capcom and SSFIV games, I am totally SOLD. Count me in.....
  • mEgAzD - May 27, 2010 8:16 p.m.

    Stop whining. Super Skrull=Fantastic 4
  • RedBandit - May 27, 2010 7:37 p.m.

    Is there a character list for this game yet? Looks awesome.
  • Clovin64 - May 27, 2010 7:01 p.m.

    This looks like it could be fun, especially if I get to smother opponents with Chris Redfield's BLOODY MASSIVE MEATY BICEPS. Seriously, those things took up half the screen in Resi 5. Soul Calibur is still my fighting game of choice though. Any news of SC5?
  • Gex4212 - May 27, 2010 3:49 p.m.

    @Evident you say that there are more characters from X-men and Streetfighter....but all this started from X-men Vs Streetfighter the game. So I'm pretty sure they want to keep the characters or at least most of them. And to be honest Fantastic Four were never really good characters. Only two I like were Johnny and Ben.
  • pin316 - May 27, 2010 3:42 p.m.

    as much as popularity will determine character rosters to some degree, at the same time i think that the devs need a bit more credit than assuming there are no F4 just because of the movie situation... Elements will come down to gameplay - IW and The Thing are both non-starters as IW would be the most redundantly stupid character in a fighter ever, whilst The Thing would just be an exact gameplay replica of Hulk (who obv can't be missed) The Human Torch wouldn't have a moveset clash (doubt Pyro would be in either), but would be pretty difficult to make into an interesting character. Mr Fantastic would be an awesome addition to the roster if they could do him justice with a decent moveset....just not sure if is possible to do it without making him too cheap
  • Wolverine08 - May 27, 2010 3:35 p.m.

    Looks nice, could be a bit more SFIV style, but sums up the soul of graphic novels well. Wolverine looks awesome,not too sure about Hulk though, does he do any moves that don't involve lifting his arms. Wish they were more like the graphics in the trailer though
  • Geminiman82 - May 27, 2010 3:05 p.m.

    These looks really pretty! If it plays like SSFIV, then we all will be in for a treat.
  • DecoyOctorok - May 27, 2010 1:59 p.m.

    @EvidentDead From an outsider's perspective, the Fantastic 4 is best known from the terrible movies that FX insists on running constantly. On the surface they also seem like a generic superhero team(stretch guy, rock guy, fire guy, invisible girl). The truth is they just don't have the popularity of the other A listers of the Marvel universe.
  • nickbak - May 27, 2010 1:55 p.m.

    Te spiderman picture is probably just a stage. You see a sign that says welcome to new york so its probably just a parade for spiderman, in new york.
  • MurdocNickalls100 - May 27, 2010 12:05 p.m.

    Can't wait for the new game it looks bloody awesome
  • hardcore_gamer1990 - May 27, 2010 12:01 p.m.

    @OnyxOblivion Pyro's better. OT: I love the art style in this. Cannot wait to play :3
  • Psylockerules - May 27, 2010 11:59 a.m.

    gosh theyre pretty! looks nice hope they reveal more characters at E3 like wesker and zack and wiki and phoenix and magneto and...
  • OnyxOblivion - May 27, 2010 11:38 a.m.

    I love Iceman. Don't be hatin' on Iceman.
  • EvidentDead - May 27, 2010 11:05 a.m.

    Oh, I have. I enjoyed the civil war series very much. I heard that they were excluded (a theory) because they wanted to make room for more characters. I don't understand how that can be, when you have the large number of X-man and Street fighter characters these games tend to have. Just seems like the "first Family" should take a bit more priority over say, Iceman, or Dan.
  • OnyxOblivion - May 27, 2010 11:01 a.m.

    @Evident Dead They're didn't get the shaft in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. Hell, they're all on my team except for IW. Because she sucks really bad in that. The rest of them are awesome. Try that game. Mr. Fantastic is integral to the plot since it's based on the Civil War, too.

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