• uz_mike222 - August 2, 2009 5:41 a.m.

    I definitely agree with curiosorange and kind of from smellypeanut, lets just stick with the topic. Though I own H-L2 and H-L2:E1 and beaten both many times, i still agree that Gordon does not have a strong personality. Even for an FPS, I've still seen characters with a better personality than Gordon "Blank Slate" Freeman, for example: I will also use Commander Shepherd from Mass Effect. He (by he I mean the player) can decide on what to say and how the person he saying the phrase to reacts to him. Another example is the character you make in Oblivion, though you cant hear the voice, you can still decide what to say and how the person reacts (especially with that persuasive thing to get information out of a person thats vital to that quest). And with Oblivion and Mass Effect, your able to see yourself in a third-person view (though Oblivion can switch from both FP to TP) and see what you look like. But what I do agree on with this article, other than the Super Charged Gravity Gun and being like a movie (and I go off to one corner spinning in circles, crouching jumping up and down while the other characters talk when you first go to Kliners lab, which I think is since I've beaten the game like 20 times now since 2006) that the game does have its "Yay I defeated Breen's plans" moments to its "Oh man, i hate how the combine turn people into those weird creatures that the name eludes me" and to the "Ok, who or what is the GMan" at the end before the credits play when the GMan talks to you about "free choice". But I digress. The game was epic with story and characters, and people have their own opinions on every topic on this website and others. P.S. Alyks does have a nice ass. :P
  • smellypeanut - June 14, 2009 6:41 a.m.

    i think you guys should change the length of the characters remaining to like 500 or somethin so nobody gets a woody and types a whole essay
  • Orange - February 18, 2009 7:58 p.m.

    ive always thought of gordon freeman as a nerd. lol
  • curiousorange - February 18, 2009 2:17 p.m.

    CaptainStupid, as a professional sub, I can say that very rarely is there a case of 'this is the right way to do it', especially with magazines and websites. Even at Future the decision on whether to use 'Videogame' or 'Video game' is purely down to the style guide, which in itself is down to the Editor's preference. So while the sentence might have been a tad clunky, give the guy a break, I probably would have let it stand had I been subbing it, as it was clear what he meant by it and easy for the reader to understand, and it wasn't really a glaring grammatical error That's the whole point of language you see, to communicate ideas and concepts in a way that people understand. Not to give pedantic internet men the excuse to post smug little 'I spotted an error so I win' comments...
  • hanky_panky - December 24, 2008 4:50 a.m.

    i reckon this is the Best article ever made the BEST game.. even though i can sort of agree with the article i have disagree as well.. for example, the games too linear, which prevents you to decide how you want play the game, but if you could do that in hlaf-life, there goes a well written story out the window.. and it was hard for me to connect with freeman from the lack of emotion aswell, when i played HL2 and find out that judith was a traitor, i was pretty much pissed, but gordon was like "oh well, who's up for a cup of tea?" But that was made with the characters. it made you feel like you were there because Valve made characters to seem like they were actually talking to you.. but half-life is the best game ever made, hands down. and to captain stupid, don't get such a HARDON (hard on) about VIDEOGAMES (vidoegames :P) this article proves that games can be deep and you had break Dave's balls on how he written videogames, and jesush christ lava_lamp the only reason that you think half-life sucks is because you had to get all your brain cells to work togethor really, really hard to interpret the first sentence.. well dats my two cents.. not bad for a fifteen year old eh?? :D

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