Ghostbusters vs the Real Ghostbusters

Aside from the visuals, there are some differences in level design, though the overall layout of the games is very similar. For example, both the PS3/Xbox 360 and Wii versions feature a library level, but the specific map layout is a bit different in the Wii game. Before you start thinking that we're bagging on the Wii version, realize this – graphic differences aside the Wii version promises to offer the better control experience simply because of the way the developers have implemented the Wiimote.

Above: Next-gen version

Rather than feeling tacked on as so many Wii games do, the motion controls here do a decent job of approximating both the proton gun and throwing out a trap. Capturing a ghost in the stream kicks off a mini-game where the roving phantasm attempts to escape from the beam. Keep the gun trained on your suspect spirit until it is stunned and then toss out the trap. Getting used to the controls took no time at all, and even at the early stage they felt sharp and responsive.

Over on the PS3, the much better looking version of the game offered limited motion support via Sixaxis but we'd be lying if we said it compared to the Wii controls. They're not even close. To their credit, the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions were smooth and responsive with the standard analog stick/button controls, but pushing an analog stick doesn't really compare to actually waving around a virtual proton pack.

Above: Wii Version

All versions of the game promise to revive a number of classic characters from the movies (Ghost Librarian, Gozer and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man) as well as introducing new ghosts for you to battle against. The iconic Slimer appears at the beginning of the game, though he's still something of an adversary versus the friendly pet he was in the cartoon. The named ghosts all acts as story catalysts, so they are essential to the plot rather than simply throwaway cameos.

We are also happy to confirm that there will be NO walking Statue of Liberty in any version of the game.