Get games from Goozex

SaySwap is very similar to Goozex, in that you make lists of what you have and want, and use points instead of money. However, the points system is slightly different. With SaySwap, one point = one dollar. So, if a game is 10 points, it's ten bucks. And they appear to only have four pricing tiers: 10, 20, 30, and 40 points. At first, that sounds great - you could get Halo 3 for only $30! But that's the point value you receive when you trade in a game as well as the amount you pay when you "buy" one to be sent to you, so it works both ways.

SaySwap's trading tokens are $2.00 to $2.50 each, depending upon how many you buy at once. Which is more than Goozex, but they've also added postage into it: when you're making a trade, SaySwap doesn't email you a mailing label. Instead, they email you a sort of pre-addressed, pre-paid origami envelope that you print out on normal paper, the fold around the game, manual box insert and tape closed for mailing.

Oh, yeah - you read that correctly. SaySwap's trades are just the game, manual, and case insert - but no case. The logic makes sense - cases are expensive to ship, and they figure most folks will give one game for every one they get and can just put the new game in the old case - but we still didn't like it. If cases are important to you, this might not be the right service to choose. Their database is also less accurate than the Goozex database. This might serve you well, though. Dragon Quest Monsters for the equivalent of $20? We'll buy that all week. Assuming anyone's dumb enough to sell for that price, that is.