Get games from Goozex

Formerly Gamershare, this site offers something new by renting games as well as trading them - thus, it's competing with both GameFly and Goozex. This has actually given it an interesting dual-pronged approach, but for the purposes of this article, we'll focus upon the trading bit.

There are two possible trading options with Gottaplay. You can pay $2 per trade, or $10 for unlimited trades over the course of a month. Insurance is $2 per trade, paid by the shipper - but if you buy insurance, Gottaplay will pay the shipping, which is nice. You also have to have GamerPoints to get a trade sent to you, which you earn by sending games to other people.

Gottaplay does enable you to choose to accept just the game, game and manual, or the whole thing including the case. And its database seems pretty robust, though that's not necessarily indicative of how many games are available for trade. We'll take a wait and see attitude on this one, but it's got potential.

Splashy anime-style art borrowed from Skies of Arcadia, Pokemon, and other games can't hide that fact that this site does pretty much the same thing as Goozex or SaySwap, but has fewer members and therefore fewer games.

ITVG uses iBucks for your trades. Which are dollars, complete with a dollar sign. It also uses iTrades - which are also dollars, but with no dollar sign and which can only be used as trade tokens - though it takes two tokens to get insurance on your trade. And ITVG charges one dollar per transaction. So, it's very similar to the other guys. ITVG has a facebook app, encourages you to send the entire game instead of just bits of it, and also has a buddy system and friends lists. This last bit is really nice because it enables you to watch your favorite traders and get an email any time they list a new game for offer. Oddly, there are RSS feeds for recently traded and recent releases, but not for recently listed.

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