Gears of War turns in new shots

Already hailed as the Killzone killer, Gears of War is the game that has launched a thousand clicks, but now it's time for a few million more as Microsoft has released two more brand new shots.

If you haven't heard of this Xbox 360-exclusive shooter before, you must live in a cave on Mars and only be stealing internet access off a passing WiFi-enabled asteroid. And so, just for you, here is a brief summary: Best. Looking. Game. Ever.

Gears of War is based around a team of hyper-intelligent soldiers who not only have the ability to follow your orders but also to use cover and pick fights without your constant attention.

Above: Musical chairs takes a nasty turn after a disputed pause in the tune

The animation is some of the smoothest seen so far on any machine with motion captured actors being used to give each soldier and every enemy a believable and fluid way of moving, rolling, dodging and blasting.

And the wonderfully rendered environments seen in these shots are more than just backdrops to the action, because all of the cover seen on screen can be shot to pieces in a firefight. Just like that settee soon will be.

Gears of War is bound to be one of the highlights of E3, so to see it and many more highlights, keep coming back to GamesRadar this week, next week and every week.

May 4, 2006