Gamescom 2011: Journey trailer is exciting in its quaintness

If you look at the holiday lineup for 2011, every other release is about a “hero” that stabs, shoots, or harms others in some way. Not every game has to be about killing! There’s room for more peaceful endeavors in this industry. What about games that are more… relaxing? Like flying through the desert and exploring a massive, mystifying world? That’s where Journey comes in. If you don’t know what Journey is than we suggest you watch the trailer below - you won’t be disappointed (unless you go in expecting blood, in which case this isn’t for you).

What is there to say about a trailer for a game made by Thatgamecompany? Their games are best seen - not read about. They are mysterious, whimsical journeys. We loved our time with the beautiful Flower and the relaxing Fl0w, but we’re really looking forward to what Journey has to offer, too.  Beyond having drop-dead gorgeous graphics, it looks to have a much larger world to explore than their past games, and while the trailer doesn’t necessarily give the greatest of ideas as to what we’re going to be doing as we glide along the sandy desert as the robed protagonist, it doesn’t stop us from getting excited to do it. Way, way too excited.

There’s nothing about this trailer that we don’t like. It manages to show off different areas, characters, and components to Journey without actually spoiling what the experience is going to be like. Seeing as their past games have been all about that “experience,” it’s likely going to be beneficial to go in completely dry. If you do want more information, though, (and we’re sure you do), we suggest checking out our preview for the game. There, you can find out how Journey will do co-op, and exactly what you’ll be getting into when you download the game later this year.

Aug 16, 2011


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