Game characters who would make disastrous dates from Hell

Chances are, at some point in your romantic life, you'll have had a stinker of a date. Your potential love interest might have snuck off to the toilet when it was time to pay the bill and never came back. Maybe they had breath so bad, it would sink a luxury cruise liner. Or worse, perhaps they just had an annoying laugh. Still, we doubt any of these disastrous encounters can match the potential pitfalls of dating certain game characters, which include finding out your date is just a cover for an elobarte hit, getting set on fire during a romantic walk, or having your partner morph into a boulder monster mid sexy time.

The dinner date from Hell

You might have gone on a date to a restaurant where the food has been bad or you've been stood up, leaving you to stuff complimentary breadsticks down your throat all night. But you should just be thankful you've never been on a date with a COG. As Mr. Marcus Fenix demonstrates below, a date bringing their own cutlery never ends well...

The third date from Hell

So, you've made it to the third date have you, Johnny Smooth Talker? Good for you. Man, that girl is totally smokin'. Well done, dude.

You don't mind if we watch, right? Wait a minute, something seems to be happening to her...

Eh, we'll leave you two lovebirds to it.

The far too trusting date from Hell

Hey, that guy you've been seeing seems like a proper gentleman. Yeah, he's a bit hairy, but he's cooked you dinner, so you're not going to complain. Of course, when said hairy date is the world's most thieving raccoon, you sure as shit better keep your eyes on your purse.


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