Game characters that deserved to die

The reckless fools who danced with death and ended up tangoing their way to hell

How they bit it

Essentially commits suicide when he blurts out Jack’s (the game's hero) control phrase ‘Would you kindly… kill’, which robs Jack of his free will, forcing him to bludgeon Ryan to death with a golf club.

Why they deserved to die

Simply because he wasn’t that bothered about living. Instead, he was obsessed about gaining the moral high ground over his nemesis Atlas. Through his twisted logic (which probably came about by being isolated in the ruins of a drug addict-infested underwater city for years) he thought letting Jack execute him would somehow prove he wasn’t a puppet and cement his free will. Phew. Personally, we’d have asked him would he kindly make us dinner and do the washing up.

How they could have saved their skin

How they bit it

Succumbs to the Grim Reaper’s ghoulish touch after he’s pecked to death by zombie crows. Hey, no sniggering there in the back.

Why they deserved to die

Because he gets killed by feral, undead worm-munchers, the weakest of all the legions of Resi’s undead. Surely, in the entire dictionary of Resi death, there’s not a single S.T.A.R.S. member or civilian who’s checked out in more humiliating fashion. Imagine getting interviewed at the pearly gates by Saint Peter if you’d been nibbled to death by birds.

Saint Peter: "Sorry to see you here, my S.T.A.R.S. son. So, what was it this time? Zombies? Zombie dogs? Zombie giant snakes? Zombie freakishly large great white sharks?"

Forest: "Eh… it was zombie… crows."

Saint Peter: "You utter p*ssy."

How they could have saved their skin

October 23, 2009

From Nazis to ninjas, they're all addicted to death

Why should the living get all the attention?

12 months of gore. One limb-wrenching video

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