To celebrate Frogger's 30th birthday Konami has released a new screenshots for its 3D remake now on shelves for the 3DS. Inspired by the 1981 arcade classic, Frogger's debut on Nintendo's handheld features 60 new stages, Street Pass battles, multi-dimensional environments and amphibious allies. Check out the new screens and this 2D video of Frogger 3D to see if George Costanza would approve.

In addition to its classic gameplay, Frogger 3D also includes a Forever mode in which players are challenged to cross a never-ending highway until their fingers go numb or they eventually croak. The game also introduces various “special frog friends” to the action that assist players by clearing paths, illuminating environments and smashing road blocks. A third person truck-hopping mode, leaderboard support and four player multiplayer are also on offer.

See more scenes from Frogger's 30th Anniversary revival in our gallery below.

Sep 23, 2011


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