Final Fantasy XIII Cie'th Stone missions guide

We show you the quickest paths and best strategies for completing all 64 side quests

Congratulations! You%26rsquo;ve exited the tubes of Cocoon and are now experiencing the vast, beautiful environments of Gran Pulse for yourself. But you shouldn%26rsquo;t sit here too long just taking in the view %26ndash; after all, there%26rsquo;s stuff here. Stuff that needs killing, to be precise.

All around Pulse, you%26rsquo;ll find the remains of fallen l%26rsquo;Cie who failed in their Focus %26ndash; Focuses that usually involved monster killing. A simple touch will net you their sob stories of not being able to take down a particular beast. Many of these missions are optional, netting you items and equipment as a reward, though some are mandatory for the story, and a few unlock additional game features and sealed-off areas once they have been completed. So why not take some time out and help fulfill the last wishes of the dead for fun and profit?

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Mission 01: Pond Scum

Rank: D
Mark: Ectopudding
Cie'th Stone location: Archylte Steppe %26ndash; Central Expanse
Mark location: Archylte Steppe %26ndash; Central Expanse (beside the pond)
Reward: Energy Sash

Your first mission is a relative pushover. The only thing you really need to look out for with Ectopudding is that he/she/it (do gelatinous blobs have genders?) is completely immune to physical attacks. If you%26rsquo;ve got a strict Commando on your team with low Ravager levels, just have them stick to using Ruin.

Mission 02: Goodwill Hunting

Rank: D
Mark: Uridimmu
Cie'th Stone location: Archylte Steppe %26ndash; Central Expanse
Mark location: Archylte Steppe %26ndash; Central Expanse
Reward: Cobaltite

Another relatively simple fight, though a bit tougher than Ectopudding due to the sheer number of enemies. Uridimmu%26rsquo;s got an entire pack of Gorgonopsidswith him, and if you%26rsquo;re not careful they can gang up and put a bit of extra hurt on your party members.

Mission 03: Massif Contamination

Rank: D
Mark: Ugallu
Cie'th Stone location: Archylte Steppe %26ndash; Central Expanse
Mark location: Yaschas Massif %26ndash; Tsubaddran Highlands
Reward: Platinum Bangle

Ugallu%26rsquo;s similar to Uridimmu and his friends, but a lot bigger. He also fights solo, making it considerably easier to concentrate your attacks on him. Fortunately, the percentage you%26rsquo;ll need to achieve to stagger him is pretty low. He%26rsquo;s weak to ice and wind attacks, so set up a party/paradigm with spellcasting skills to help stagger him, then send your Commandos to go to town.

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