Final Fantasy XI Chocobo Racing inbound

Feathery update planned for that OTHER big online addiction

Chocobos are skilled at way more things than just digging – we’ve known this for a good 16 years. They’re excellent chefs, loyal babysitters, and if you’ll recall a little game called Final Fantasy VII, very good foot racers if bred correctly. So we’re happy to announce that you’ll soon be getting a little bit more for your $13 a month playing Final Fantasy XI online – Chocobo Racing.

Though the fun starts with a March 29th update later this week, Square Enix will be rolling out several more updates over the next year to keep things exciting and fully integrated into the FFXI experience; player versus player races and betting will hit this summer, new official races and PVP practices this fall, and the final official races way off in the land of 2008.

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