Final Fantasy XI Chocobo Racing inbound

Chocobos are skilled at way more things than just digging – we’ve known this for a good 16 years. They’re excellent chefs, loyal babysitters, and if you’ll recall a little game called Final Fantasy VII, very good foot racers if bred correctly. So we’re happy to announce that you’ll soon be getting a little bit more for your $13 a month playing Final Fantasy XI online – Chocobo Racing.

Though the fun starts with a March 29th update later this week, Square Enix will be rolling out several more updates over the next year to keep things exciting and fully integrated into the FFXI experience; player versus player races and betting will hit this summer, new official races and PVP practices this fall, and the final official races way off in the land of 2008.

Races will require you to piece together a racing plan based on weather and chocobo conditions, giving orders to your jockey and using items on the track. You can win gil or Chocobucks, which can then be turned around and exchanged for items to further assist in your breeding. Addiction is what FFXI does best, after all.

As long as you’re raising an adult chocobo or have one out to pasture (and its VCS registration card), you’re good to go. Just stop by a Chocobo Racing Association branch in San d’Oria, Bastok or Windurst to register after the update goes live. You’ll be able to participate in “mission-style” Official Races and Free Runs to start off, and all the other niceties once the future updates are rolled out.

When will Square Enix stop updating its monolithic MMO? When all of its users are dead, or giant invading squid beasts have rendered our earth computers useless – though those two things will probably go hand in hand. Anyhow, get your big yellow spurs ready and prepare a bottle of bubbly for Thursday, as it’s officially on. May we humbly suggest Cactuar Jousting next?

March 27, 2007


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