Fan filmmakers tackle Mario

Rundown: We laughed, we cried and we cheered during this spoof trailer for Mario Kart: The Movie. In the film, Mario is retired from his racing days, only to get pulled back in for one last race. He’s got the skills, but Wario has a few turtle shells and mushrooms hidden up his sleeve. It’s an epic tale of sex, lies, love and betrayal… all in the name of go-kart racing.

Reality Readiness: YES MAKE THIS A MOVIE ALREADY YES YES YES THANKS. Besides, Mario’s already got the whole diva thing down with his own Christian Bale-out.

Rundown: Prankster Remi Gaillard dresses up and decks out his go-kart to hit the streets of what may be some city in France, as Mario. We loved watching him throw banana peels at the confused motorists behind him and pumping his arms to celebrate “winning” the race. At the end, it looks like the authorities detain him, but Remi gets away using his invincibility star.

Reality Readiness: As far as we’re concerned, this guy’s already taken Mario into reality. Although we’re not sure reality, or in this case France, is ready for him yet.

Rundown: You’ve probably all seen this one, but it’s definitely worth a nod. “Blinktwice4y” cleverly weaves Mario Kart tropes into a love song, which is itself pretty catchy.

Reality Readiness: See, Mario Kart isn’t just about getting the blue shell so you can destroy the lead racer, or unlocking Rosalina. It’s a metaphor for love. It’s also a more emo side of the plumber than we’ve seen before, and you know what? We kinda like it. It’s nice to see the human side of our heroes sometimes.