Famous film wrecks recreated in Split/Second

Personally, I loved Split/Second. The review we posted may not have scored as high as I would’ve, but if you’re sick of the licensed car, simulation rigmarole as much as I am, trust me: Split/Second is your offensive breath of fresh air. It doesn’t fall back on the dated kart/combat mechanics of yesteryear either, and instead pretty much lets you play inside Jerry Bruckheimer’s brain!


Anyway, the whole shebang is presented like an episodic Hollywood production. We’d hate to see any of you wander into the proceedings like a deer in headlights, so we recommend firing up those Blu-ray players and prepping yourself for the carnage. When I asked the developers what films inspired them, and it turns out Michael Bay’s brightly lit, non-lethal film series of toys come to life fit the bill. Let’s kick it off with what they told us:


“We really loved the way that movies like Transformers feature constant action and large-scale action sequences, but keep things upbeat at all times - mainly through the use of warm lighting and softening hues, and framing the scene in such a way that allows incredible action while keeping things family – and summer blockbuster – friendly.”

What you said there, I see it.

Above: Safe for work! 

Terminator 2

Survival mode features a frenzied chase through an LA culvert, similar to a certain James Cameron film you might be familiar with. Not only must the player avoid a psychotic big rig tossing exploding barrels to get combo multipliers, another level features a behemoth vehicle plowing through a bridge to squash drivers below.

Above: One of our favorite reccurring Powerplays in the whole game: A helicopter drags a massive dump truck through damn near anyone and everything. 

The Island

It took Ewan McGregor a minute or two to untie a truck’s payload and take down his pursuers during a high speed chase. With Split/Second, you can do that endlessly during online Survival multiplayer!

Con Air

Split/Second’s not without a little depth and strategy. You’ve got to activate Powerplays sparingly for maximum impact, so you may want to stay an execution of a single driver because you can also use them to open up time-shaving shortcuts, and eventually tier explosions to take down entire bridges and buildings that open up alternate routes. Example, bringing down an airport control tower blocks the main path, and sends all drivers careening down an unmanned runway featuring –you guessed it – a runaway plane, just like Con Air’s emergency landing on the Vegas strip.

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  • cyclone306 - May 28, 2010 12:50 p.m.

    Haven't played the game, neat article though...I just finished the podcast today (a little late due to Ep100) So here is my moral support. This exact type of article is why I read GamesRadar.
  • jimmdogg - May 25, 2010 10:51 a.m.

    This was impossible to find.
  • mEgAzD - May 23, 2010 8:44 p.m.

    Great article. It's nice how you can get these scenes from films done in Split/Second.
  • Tenfey - May 23, 2010 7:16 p.m.

    Not really interested in this game, but leaving a comment because Chris was sad. Stiff upper lip Mr. Antista.
  • Spybreak8 - May 23, 2010 5:22 a.m.

    Listened to Tdar 102 and had to find this article and comment. Man it was burried, my main opinion why some articles don't get as many comments (not views) as others. I'm a big movie guy myself, studied media studies at University at Buffalo, and I liked this article a lot. I'm also a big game guy myself as I studied Game Art & Design from the Art Institute Online so I'd say I was your target audience on this one haha.
  • MyUsernameIsLongerThanChrisAntistasPenis - May 22, 2010 5:16 p.m.

    I bought this game off of your reccomendations and it's absolutly amazing. Just wanted to say thanks Chris, I would have probably passed this up if you didn't say such great things about it.
  • RabidZombies - May 22, 2010 1:12 p.m.

    Great article! I played the demo countless times before release and couldn't be happier the game. Hopefully it sells well so Disney will make a sequel.
  • Grif - May 22, 2010 6:36 a.m.

    I'd love to try to recreate them if I had the game.
  • SenatorPepper - May 22, 2010 4:31 a.m.

    But can you recreate the stakeout in "Mitchell"?
  • philipshaw - May 20, 2010 9:03 a.m.

    Good article, I had the Die Hard with a vengance game. It wasn't great
  • Embolado - May 20, 2010 7:09 a.m.

    The last pic reminds me Gone in 60 seconds movie.
  • KREATIVEassassin - May 20, 2010 3:11 a.m.

    I'm commenting on a Chris Antista article! GOOD JOB, Chris! I just downloaded the demo to Split Second and it's awesome!
  • squidhead442 - May 19, 2010 9:48 p.m.

    I would have never realized these. This sounds like the kind of racer I could use right now too. Thank you sir!
  • batman5273 - May 19, 2010 9:08 p.m.

    good article!!
  • TheWoolyMammoth - May 19, 2010 9:03 p.m.

    And that's another thing, it's SO effing nice to play a racer that doesn't have licensed music for once. It gives the game some added personality and shows off more creativity, IMO.
  • sleepy92ismypsn - May 19, 2010 9:02 p.m.

    Some videos would have been alot cooler for this article. I was interested in Split/Second but blur and modnation racers were some good competitors. I decided on Modnation Racers and i can't wait til May 25. Oh wait I have Red Dead Redemption maybe i can wait. recaptcha: squalls strongly
  • TheWoolyMammoth - May 19, 2010 8:56 p.m.

    I LOVE me some Split/Second. Even though I played the demo to death, I still love the drama of that plane coming down and taking out several people.