Famous film wrecks recreated in Split/Second

Personally, I loved Split/Second. The reviewwe posted may not have scored as high as I would’ve, but if you’re sick of the licensed car, simulation rigmarole as much as I am, trust me: Split/Second is your offensive breath of fresh air. It doesn’t fall back on the dated kart/combat mechanics of yesteryear either, and instead pretty much lets you play inside Jerry Bruckheimer’s brain!


Anyway, the whole shebang is presented like an episodic Hollywood production. We’d hate to see any of you wander into the proceedings like a deer in headlights, so we recommend firing up those Blu-ray players and prepping yourself for the carnage. When I asked the developers what films inspired them, and it turns out Michael Bay’s brightly lit, non-lethal film series of toys come to life fit the bill. Let’s kick it off with what they told us: