E3 07: Boogie - hands-on

Boogie cleverly blends rhythm with singing (into the specially-made Wii USB microphone) - but it also gives the player the option to do one or the other. So anyone who makes Jordan’s voice sound like that of an angel (with auto-tune turned off) needn’t write this off as a wasted exercise. There’s a Karaoke and Dance mode, plus Story, which lets you play through the unique stories of the game’s five characters doing a combination of both.

Karaoke mode will feel familiar to anyone who’s ever played SingStar. It uses similar scrolling bars placed at different levels to indicate the pitch of each upcoming note. As the song plays and the lyrics start to scroll, so does this visual indicator of pitch. It continues after you’ve sung each note, whether you managed to hit it successfully or not. Karaoke is always funny - usually because someone’s dad is trying to sing Eminem - but it can get tedious after the fourth group of girls has sung “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” (yes, Lauper’s anthem makes it into Boogie). By adding in a competitive factor and high scores, there’s a reason to keep on crooning.

On its own, the rhythm part of the game is enjoyable, but not as strong as the singing. You heard it here first - don’t get cheap and buying the game without the mic. Boogie can be played with both the Wii Remote and Nunchuk or just the Remote on its own. Playing with both offers more dance moves, with the Remote used for tapping out dance steps in time to the tunes and the Nunchuk for striking poses.

Striking a pose is officially our favorite thing since tackling giant Mario in Mario Strikers so that he lands on his big fat ass. There’s timeless humor in seeing the camera swoop in on your character’s mug, then tapping C to make them lip-synch (sort of) to “It’s Raining Men.”


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