Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime faqs

Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime Cheats

  • Unlock Helmet and Female Slime Tanks

    Entry location: Input these codes in the Church.
    Y, L, L, Y, R, R, Y, up, down, select - Unlock helmet slime tank
    Y, R, R, U, L, L, Y, down, down, down, Y, select - Unlock female slime tank
    Submitted by Doofd3d
  • Unlock New Multi-Card Tanks

    Entry location: In the Church
    Y, L, L, Y, R, R, Y, up, down, select - Unlock Knightro
    Y, R, R, up, L, L, Y, down, down, down, Y, Select - Unlock The Nemesis
    Submitted by None
  • Get the Schwarzman tank

    Entry location: Mt.Krakatroda
    To unlock Slival's tank, the Schwarzen, for Tank Masters mode, you must first beat the final boss. Then, go to the place where you fought Slival on Mt. Krakatroda. Defeat him again (He will have 3000 HP) and you will unlock the Schwarzen
    Submitted by the B-damaster

Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime Easter Eggs

  • Cavas Painting

    Once you beat the game talk to the Startist (the star looking slime). He will let you paint on 4 different paintings. His Royal Wobbliness, Blue sky, Slime face, and Platyportrait.
    Submitted by Cameron V.
  • Secret Minigame

    When your in the town go to the mission bridge and talk to Perry (the shell slime). He will ask "Fancy a go at the Gold Coast Sufari."
    Submitted by Cameron V.

Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime Hints

  • Suprises

    Entry location: Tootinscheimens tomb
    Beware of the bags and popout chests, they bite.
    Submitted by Nachoman
  • Infinite Rockbombs

    Entry location: Tank Masters
    Once you have unlocked Tank Masters, you can gain infinite rockbombs by losing matches. Every time you lose a match Morrie-Morrie will feel sorry for you and give you a rockbomb.
    Submitted by WaddleDee72
  • Get the Gott Schliemen

    To unlock the Gott Schliemen for use in Tank Masters mode, first, beat the final boss and rescue all 100 slimes. Then, beat the final round of Tank Masters mode (against Hooly and the Shogun).
    Submitted by the B-damaster
  • Break Through The Crystal Walls

    To break through the crystal walls that are located in levels Callmigh Bluff and Mt. Krakatroda, you must first rescue Mama Mia and Big Daddy from Callmigh Bluff. Then go talk to the Goonins (Rescue them from the tank battles in Backwoods) who live in the Goonin hole (next to the King's Palace). Then you will have to pass the Goonin trials.
    Submitted by WaddleDee72
  • Hidden Seed of Life

    If you go behind the big tree in the church, you'll find the hidden Seed of Life.
    Submitted by Someguydudepesron7525

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