Download of the Week: Darksiders

Platform: PC | Publisher: THQ | Developer: Vigil Games | Price: £5/$10 | Size: 12GB required

Hello and welcome to our new weekly feature that's dedicated to finding you the sweetest deals possible on downloadable content. We'll be sifting through the PlayStation Store, XBL Marketplace, Wii Shop Channel and Steam to unearth nuggets of pure DLC gold. 

Kicking off this DLC extravaganza is none other than THQ's Darksiders. It's been out less than 18 months and already it's been reduced to less than you'd spend on junk food at lunch time. Some say that this tale of War from the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse is the closest you'll get to a Zelda game outside of Nintendo. It mixes genius puzzles with large helpings of ultra violence and huge environments to explore. And it even has Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) as one of the voice actors. The special rate is only available for this weekend so hurry your ass up and get downloading quick.  

What you get:
An epic game that will last you hours upon hours with ever-evolving gameplay. Need more convincing? Then check out our review right here.

Want more DLC? Check these out... 

Pix'n Love Rush | PSN | £1.74 UK/EU Only | 29MB
Sadly this special offer is only available in Europe but this platformer is as addictive as it is beautiful.

Halo: Reach Defiant Map Pack | XBLA | 800MS | 691.43MB
Expand your horizons and blast your enemies to death over a three new maps in Halo: Reach.

Monday Night Combat | Steam | Free | 2GB
Until Sunday 20th March '11 you can play MNC for free. If you like it, download the full thing with a 33% discount. Nice.

March 18th 2011


  • Dorglesisthebest - March 19, 2011 2:10 a.m.

    Ive been wanting to get it, but thats another game on top of Arma 2, GTA4, Amnesia, Red Faction 2, Hitman and Crysis 2
  • HankVenture - March 18, 2011 9:29 p.m.

    I will enjoy this. I've been looking for a DlC games to get lately.. last week I was gonna get this or Metro 2033.. I went with Metro *great shit that needs some tweaks* this week it shall be darksiders :D
  • Cleanser247 - March 18, 2011 6:26 p.m.

    Also, I think the download of the week is going to be TalkRadar 143!
  • Cleanser247 - March 18, 2011 5:48 p.m.

    @db1331 I agree, I too have WAY too much games I got to finish!
  • TeejIV - March 18, 2011 5:12 p.m.

    Darksiders on PC was borked (literally unplayable) for me, and I could never figure out why. Buyer beware.
  • jackthemenace - March 18, 2011 4:13 p.m.

    Awesome. Is it available on Mac? I'd love to buy it again. I used to have it on 360, enjoyed it thoroughly, but I eventually had to trade it in for some easy cash. Believe it or not, prostituting yourself doesn't bring in much dough.
  • talkraider - March 18, 2011 3:45 p.m.

    Fuck yeah! awesome idea. Now I won't have to check major nelson website
  • Brutalicus - March 18, 2011 3:18 p.m.

    Thanks a ton, I'll have to give it a try. Does it need to be reconfigured or anything every time I plug in the controller?
  • krejsy - March 18, 2011 3:13 p.m.

    @Brutalicus: Weird software and shit to make a PS3 controller work??? just google motioninjoy, and you'll get it working in fragments of seconds(including download and install), and it can even emulate a 360 controller(or be mapped to mouse/kb). So it will make your PS3 controller work on every game ever released.
  • grappler51 - March 18, 2011 2:15 p.m.

    Always wanted to play this, but I still have several other games on Steam I haven't started yet...
  • function69 - March 18, 2011 1:50 p.m.

    I absolutely loved this game, tons of fun for hours. Tremendously underrated. Total eye candy on 1920x1200 with AA set to 16x. PC controls are fine; complex combos (if you choose to use them) tend to get a little weird, but that's true with most games.
  • db1331 - March 18, 2011 1:22 p.m.

    I would get this if I didn't already have so much shit I need to play. I still haven't even started up two of the games I bought in the Steam holiday sale.
  • Brutalicus - March 18, 2011 1:22 p.m.

    Wired 360 pad -_- Should I blame Microsoft for having to use all kinds of weird software and shit to make a PS3 controller work?
  • RoeTaKa - March 18, 2011 1:15 p.m.

    The controls are great and I love games like Devil May Cry so I thought this was right up my alley. After about...3-5 hours of game play I just could not be arsed to play anymore, even if the combat was decent -- it's like Zelda but something is missing. But yes the controls are perfect so go nuts.
  • philipshaw - March 18, 2011 1:15 p.m.

    Might get it at that price because I still haven't played it yet
  • StrayGator - March 18, 2011 1:15 p.m.

    Played it on PC with X360 pad. Get one, seriously, for 30$ (wired. the cable is of generous length) you'll never have to worry about the controls of any PC game post 2006.
  • Brutalicus - March 18, 2011 1:05 p.m.

    Someone who's played it for PC: Are the controls good? If you say "better than Dead Space's PC port" I'm buying this shit asap.

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