Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII faqs

Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII Easter Eggs

  • Cloud Poster

    Entry location: Edge
    While in Edge, after saving the boy and getting the keycard, there will be a video in which, at the start, it shows the top of a building, and then the camera goes down. On the building, you will see a yellow poster of Cloud Strife's silleuhette in his victory position (with his sword on his back).
    Submitted by Josh
  • Cactaur

    In Chapter 10, just before you battle Nero the Sable you'll see some barrels above you. Four barrels will blow up in a line - in one of them is Cactaur, who will fall and run away.
    Submitted by None

Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII Hints

  • Money

    To get Gil really fast, just get to just before the end of a mission and die against the boss. Keep exchanging the xp for gil and keep doing this until you get the amount of money you want.
    Submitted by killerwars
  • Hidden Guns & Items

    Chapter 3 - Toy Gun - Inside the door after you save the kid.
    Chapter 8 - G-Report 1 - When a WRO is hacking a door, pprotect them untill they are finished. Go under the door, and continue on to find it atop a ladder.
    Chapter 6 Extra Hard - Manaheart - Kill the red duel horn beast that runs through the stage.
    Chapter 6 - Guard M Barrel - Protect the 12 WRO members and it will be in a crate at the end of the level.
    Chapter 9 - S Adjuster - Blow the barrel on the right when you encounter the first string of guards.
    Chapter 10 - Bayonet Rifle - This is by a gatling gun, later in the level.
    Chapter 10 - Blow Machine Gun
    Chapter 10 - Faerie L Barrel - There will be a crate on a ledge, shoot it
    Chapter 10 - G-Report 2 - On the roof of the house you fall down to.
    Chapter 10 - Golden Moogle Doll - The last enemy in the 100 enemies mission will drop it.
    Chapter 10 - Lucky S Barrel - In the tunnel after a series of gates in the cardkey puzzle.
    Chapter 11 - G Report 3 - In a room with a rising platform that takes you to a pipe on the wall... follow the pipe to the corner to find it.
    Submitted by armuuy
  • DG Camp

    In Deepground Strikes Back, when you get to the camp site after the tunnel, first kill the DG soldier and the Bizarre Bugs. From there, don't go any farther but instead, from where you are, look for a hole in the mountainside with a bug in it and shoot the bug twice with your Hydra. Then the bug will jump out followed by four or five other bugs. They will think it is the DG soldiers that are attacking them and they will kill most of the DG soldiers. Then, kill the remaining DG soldiers (if any) and while the bugs are still circling around, shoot their thoraxes. This will give you a few critical hits, another criteria to get an S-rank in this and all other chapters. This strategy will also minimize your Sustained Damage, another criteria towards the coveted S-rank.
    Also, jump down into the clearing and stand near the ladder. From there, aim your Hydra toward the highest mountain above the tents and shoot the Memory Capsule.
    This is Memory Capsule #33.
    Submitted by Omega Weiss
  • Beat Omega Weiss

    Omega Weiss isn't too hard: start by firing Death Penalty shots at his chest, run in a circular motion. After you hurt him enough, he attacks. Keep shooting him in the chest until 50% life then (if you haven't done so) kill all the minionsy and fire at his head. Repeat.
    Submitted by Deadly Danish

Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII Unlockables

  • Secret Ending

    Obtain three G Reports before finishing the game, and you'll get a little extra ending after the end.
    Submitted by None
  • Unlockable: Side Missions

    Entry location: The side missions are unlocked in the extra missions - you must destroy the white capsules using explosive barrels to unlock them. Listed are the missions to be unlocked and the locations of the white capsules.
    Side Mission ------------------ White Capsule Location

    An Invitation to Illusion - Mission 45: Stronghold Impervious, H-8
    Boxemon - Mission 5: Deep Labyrinth, K-15
    Chamber of Ghosts - Mission 18: Badlands, F-8
    Go With the Flow - Mission 37: Gatling Shower, I-14
    Missilebreaker Deathmatch - Mission 24: Contra Kalm, J-13
    Submitted by None
  • Unlockable Character Viewer and Trailers

    Entry location: The Character viewer and trailers are unlocked in the extra missions - you must destroy the yellow capsules using a gun. Listed are the unlockables and the locations of the white capsules.
    Unlockable ------------------ Yellow Capsule Location

    Bosses - Mission 28: Cyclopean Causeway
    DC Presentation Trailer - Mission 10: Misslebreaker Melee, I-7
    Deepground - Mission 30: 100,000 Needles, F-7
    Jump Festa Trailer - Mission 13: Rains of Gehenna, J-4
    Monster - Mission 11: Collector's Mind, D-5
    Omega - Mission 44: Deepground, J-8
    Others (Other Character) - Mission 10: Misslebreaker Melee, G-10
    Retail Display Trailer - Mission 22: Shinra Manor Prime, I-7
    Shinra - Mission 20: Deep Tower, K-8
    The WRO - Mission 1: Zephyr Heathlands, G-11
    Tokyo Game Show Trailer - Mission 3: Wastelings, B-9
    Tsviets - Mission 41: Drumline, J-2
    Vincent - Mission 36: Black Widow Tetra, I-5
    Submitted by None
  • Unlockable Art

    Entry location: The art is unlocked in the extra missions - you must destroy the red capsules with a melee attack. Listed are the unlockables and the locations of the red capsules.
    Unlockable -------------- Red Capsule Location

    The WRO --------- Mission 3: Wastelings, B-9
    Weapons --------- Mission 8: Lord of the Jungle, J-7
    Locations --------- Mission 9: Cait Versus the World, J-6
    Event-Related --------- Mission 12: Vincent the Destroyer, D-5
    Monsters --------- Mission 13: Rains of Gehenna, J-13
    Shinra --------- Mission 14: Vincent the Grappler, J-11
    WRO Headquarters --------- Mission 15: Red and Blue, G-12
    Shinra Building --------- Mission 16: Stygian Sewers, K-4
    Deepground --------- Mission 21: Cait Versus the Crimson, G-9
    Deepground Soldiers --------- Mission 23: Rampart Rubble, M-11
    Bosses --------- Mission 26: Cait Versus the Cerulean, H-5
    Attack on Midgar --------- Mission 27: Vincent the Beast, H-5
    Miscellaneous --------- Mission 31: Cait Versus the Bull, capsule located on Azul's Tail
    Mako Reactor 0 --------- Mission 32: Deepground Soldiers, K-6
    Final Chaotic --------- Mission 33: Shieldbreaker, G-12/H-12
    Vincent Red --------- Mission 35: One-Handed, F-11
    Tsviets Red --------- Mission 40, M-10
    Omega --------- Mission 43, K-8
    Submitted by None

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